Know the properties of this beautiful and magical st

The jade It is a fundamentally ornamental rock whose beauty has been revered by various cultures since ancient times. This gem can be found in different colors such as blue, brown, lavender, red, orange, white, yellow and green, which is one of the best known. For thousands of years it has been used as a Magic stone and healing.

In this sense, since ancient times it has been used by different civilizations. For the Mayans this gem It was ideal to protect the body from kidney diseases and gallbladder conditions, while the Egyptians used an elixir prepared with jade for different types of healings. In the case of Chinese civilization, jade green It has been a sacred gem since ancient times.

Today the jade stone symbolizes knowledge and good fortune has been used to make altars and rituals. Its name comes from a Latin term, which in Spanish would be translated kidney stoneThis is because its healing properties are mainly related to this organ.

Among other uses, wearing jade helps to find the love and attract the ideal person, it is also responsible for strengthening affinity ties within the couple. It is also considered a stone for good luck since it is in charge of attracting all the positive vibrations towards whoever owns it.

Finally, this gem is also closely linked to wisdom, inner peace and emotional balance. On the other hand, it is ideal for removing stress and mental overload. For this reason, it is always good to have some amulet made with this gem for daily use. You can find them in different objects, such as the ones shown below.

1. Bracelet for good luck


This is a bracelet made with green jade beads linked by an elastic cord that can be adapted to any type of wrist. It is ideal to attract good luck, wealth and good fortune.

This good fortune bracelet features a buddhist blessing that brings many benefits to its wearer. You can wear it every day since it adapts to any style and you have the possibility of combining it with any garment in your wardrobe.

Pendant traditional Chinese


It is a charm in the form of a pendant that is in charge of provide protection as well as attract happiness, wealth, prosperity, success and well-being. It is made with jade and crystal gems.

You can hang it in any room in your house, at work and even in your car. It is a beautiful piece that can also complement any decoration and fill with energy any place.

3. Tree Money with Elephant


This is a set of accessories that includes a tree made of jade gems tied with copper threads and an elephant statue also made of jade. Its influence attracts luck, prosperity and provide protection.

Within Chinese culture, elephant It symbolizes power, wisdom, strength, fertility and protection for your home or the place where you decide to place it. This game can be incorporated into any decoration style.