The clay It is a natural element that is made up of granulated minerals and is generally used as a raw material to make ceramic pieces. It is considered a colloid and can be found in different colorations, although it is white in its pure state.

Moreover in the field of esthetic and beauty, clay is considered an ancient medicine that is responsible for providing multiple benefits to the care of our skin. It has a large number of properties that refresh, decongest, help heal, deflate and stimulate skin cell regeneration.

Among its many uses cosmetics one of the most popular are masks. Those that are made of clay produce a series of reactions on the skin that have great power disinfectant and antiseptic which is responsible for absorbing and eliminating all toxins and impurities from the epidermis.

Likewise, the clay also has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, so if you have any type of wound, condition or dermatitis, this is the ingredient ideal to heal and treat your skin. Yellow clay is indicated in these cases as it works excellently on sensitive skin and also helps the rejuvenation Of the same.

Finally, the clay has the ability to provide cold which stimulates circulation and purifies the lymphatic system eliminating fluid retention, cellulite and preventing the appearance of varicose veins. It is also useful for regenerating tissues as it provides the cells of your skin essential nutrients which requires.

1. Detoxifying mask with Bentonite


It is a detoxifying and beautifying mask that is formulated to help remove acne and pimples. It also reduces pores and helps regenerate skin tissue over exposed to the sun.

You only need to mix a part of it clay with 2 parts of apple cider vinegar or water and apply it on your face or the part of your skin that you want. Just leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

2. Recipe Aztec for skin care


It is a mask made with 100% natural bentonite and created especially to give the skin a deep cleaning. Does not contain fragrances or products of animal origin.

A beneficial product for treatments such as body wraps, clay baths, foot care and you can also use it as cold clay for knee pads.

3. Bentonite clay healing


Considered as one of the best healing clays in the world, this cosmetic product is excellent for facial care and cleansing. Its ingredients are responsible for deeply cleaning the pores, detoxifying and revitalize the skin.

Its results can be seen quickly and it is formulated to promote and strengthen the beauty of the skin. It is ideal for use on both oily skin and sensitive skin.

4. Purifying clay to remove excess oil

It is a luxurious clay mask that is designed to purify the skin and clean the pores deeply. If used frequently it leaves a feeling of cleanliness and freshness on your skin.

It is responsible for absorbing excess oil, while also helping to improve skin t This pure Amazon clay gives you a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.

5. Purifying mask with pink clay

This is an Australian pink clay mask formulated with botanical ingredients. Can be used as an action mask detoxifying which closes the pores, stimulates the complexion and enhances luminosity.

It is responsible for removing impurities, toxins and polluting substances from your skin. Also, it is good to treat the pores of your skin to depth, helping to regenerate and stimulate the renewal of cells.