Natural products are always the best for your skin.

The pomegranate oil It is a natural product that is extracted from the dried seeds of the pomegranate fruit. This process can be done by cold pressing or by extraction with the use of CO2. It is an oil characterized by being poly-unsaturated, and to avoid rapid oxidation it is necessary to keep it away from heat, oxygen and light.

In its composition, it contains large amounts of a very rare fatty acid, it is punicin acid or Omega 5 as we commonly know them. This acid is in charge of activating and protecting the physiological functions of our skin, it also promotes the production of collagen, improves elasticity and tone, and protects from harmful sun rays and pollution.

Currently, the pomegranate oil It is being widely used within cosmetics, especially by enthusiasts of natural cosmetics, due to the great benefits it brings to our skin. Thus, this oil is rejuvenating, regenerating, antioxidant, improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, stimulates the skin’s self-repair mechanisms, is soothing and hydrating.

As it is a very powerful and dense oil, it is recommended to use it in small quantities to use it, it can also be used in synergy with other vegetable oils or as an active ingredient in specially formulated emulsions. Due to its excellent characteristics, this pomegranate oil it is kind to offer you great benefits with the use of only a small amount.

Among some of the products where pomegranate oil is indicated to enhance its formula we have regenerating facial oil, serum, antioxidant or protective creams, eye creams and wrinkle creams. It is a wonderful ally to care for and improve our skin which certainly should not be missing from our daily beauty routineAnd that’s why we show you some of the options available to you.

1. Seed Oil from 100% Pure Granada


This pure pomegranate oil has been cold pressed and bottled fresh in a dark bottle, to guarantee absolute purity. It is free of toxic GMOs, pesticides, and hexane.

Has the ability to hydrate and soothe dry skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it is a nourishing hair tonic, promotes healthy growth and repairs split ends.

2. Oil Pomegranate seed Organic


It is an organic oil of therapeutic grade that regenerates and heals the skin by promoting cell renewal, improving the elasticity of the skin, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I know absorbs quickly, leaving your skin radiant, nourished and soft throughout the day. It is ideal to be used by all skin types, regardless of whether they are oily or dry, as well as you can also use it on your hair.

3. Essential oil Pomegranate Seed


East organic oil Premium has been cold pressed, unrefined and additive-free, making it 100% pure. Each drop is filled with an impressive natural blend of flavonoids and fatty acid.

With their Benefits Therapeutic grade, you only need to massage your skin with a few drops regularly, thus improving the elasticity of your skin and fine lines and wrinkles disappear.