This year Valentine’s Day can be different!

Do you know the color of underwear you should wear for Valentine’s Day that will help you attract good luck in love?

Possibly you will lean towards the traditional, but in this note I want to share that you have other options according to your zodiac sign. Without a doubt, wearing underwear of specific colors and styles is one of the most popular traditions that has been carried out from generation to generation for many years. to attract good vibes, positive energies, health, money and love. Therefore, by using these recommendations below, they will give you a little help based on your zodiac sign for Valentine’s Day.


1. Pisces: Sun sign and power


The traditional color for Pisces is yellow, which represents energy, wealth and success. Use it if you need to attract a partner or the one you already have has healthy finances.

2. Aries: Sign of air and patience

Purple It is the color of meditation and spirituality. Attract harmony to your individual and couple life. If you are looking for new changes and no negativity this is your color.

3. Taurus: Adventurer sign


Use this color in your underwear if you are interested in attracting a successful partner in their work and social life. A couple with a lot of personality and ready to go on adventures with you.

4. Gemini: Sign of Courage


This color represents luxury, security, and dignity. It is mostly used to cancel everything that hurts or hurts us. Using it on Valentine’s Day will help keep the negative people in your life away.

5. Cancer: A sign of hope


It symbolizes hope, development and general well-being. If you want to have more contact with nature, and with your inner self, this color is the one you need to use. You will attract peaceful people to your life and full of positive light.

6. Leo: Sensitive sign and full of positive energy

Sky Blue

It symbolizes good health and calm. It is recommended for couples who are about to start a business. Also, using this color serves to ward off all physical discomfort.

7. Virgo: Fire sign and passionate


It means desire, passion, and love, but also a lot of strength. Therefore, if you long for the arrival of intense love, do not hesitate to use this color.

8. Libra: Sign of kindness and serenity


It produces a pleasant sensation and calls for calm. To attract a couple full of peace and very spiritual, this is your color.

9. Scorpio: intense and happy sign


Represents enthusiasm and desire. By using this color you will start a relationship with who you will spend between laughs and joys.

10. Sagittarius: sign of strength

Burgundy or wine

To have a relationship with whom you want to live intense emotions and handle every aspect of your life with strength and focus, this color will attract you.

11. Capricorn: sign of leadership

Royal blue

If what you are looking for is a couple full of security, this color is representative of leadership. Royal blue attracts movement and energy to bring out the best in us. It will also help you to think with reason, and to balance your life.

12. Aquarius: Sign of purity and work


Represents peace, harmony and joy. Use it if you need to get rid of the stress and anxiety caused by your past relationships.