Prepare suitcase For any trip it has always been the only part of going on vacation that gives us a bit of a headache. It is a sometimes difficult but definitely essential task, and it needs a lot of preparation and attention so you can take what you need, without leaving you with anything.

A poorly prepared suitcase or a forgetfulness at the last minute can get you what can be the best trip of your life, and especially a cruise. Cruises, unlike a plane or car trip, involve staying for days in one place. If you do not carry what is necessary, you will possibly suffer for several days not being able to get it, since you will be surrounded or completely surrounded by water. Look what you need to carry in your luggage if you go on a cruise.

1. Chewing gum anti-nausea ginger:

The first thing is to take with you medicines or supplements that help you survive the movement of the sea, and more if it is your first time.

As a medicinal herb, ginger has been used for thousands of years. Now you can enjoy its natural calming properties in a chewing gum or chewing gum convenient and good tasting. You can chew them when you need relief from nausea. Each package provides the equivalent of 12 grams of fresh ginger root.

2. Walkie talkies for communication:

In many occasions, depending on the travel destination, the cell phone signal does not work or the roaming costs are very expensive. In order to keep in touch with the rest of your group, take a walkie talkie with you.

This option comes with rechargeable batteries and USB cables, so you don’t spend a fortune on batteries and you can charge your cell phone even from your computer.

3. A mini first aid kit:

Although first aid materials and healthcare professionals are available on every cruise, it never hurts to carry a mini kit with you in the event of any emergency at any time.

Take your first aid kit and find your peace of mind. It has all the medical supplies, tools, and supplies to treat minor scratches, cuts, and bleeding that may occur.

4. Waterproof case JOTO universal:

It is very important to always have your cell phone, money, passport, and cards, insurance and in a place where they are not exposed to damage or damage. With a universal waterproof case you can feel the peace of mind that your items will be safe.

The secure snap closure system ensures superior water resistance, safety and reliability. The double-sided transparent window allows full touch screen functions, including all camera functions, and easy to operate for underwater shots.