A powerful animal with legendary powers.

The Feng shui it is a philosophy based on the balance between the diverse energies and the elements of nature that together generate well-being and prosperity. In this teaching, different representations of lucky animals that are used to change or improve multiple aspects of your life regarding personal, family or work relationships.

In the Eastern tradition, the carp it is seen as a symbol of happiness and wealth in abundance. This fish attracts good luck, bliss and good health, not only for you, but for your loved ones and those around you. It is also considered a symbol of military glory and the good luck in business, as well as the harmony of the couple and fertility.

Feng Shui items with representations of tents are widely used as decorations or accessories to attract good vibes. It is very common to see them in figurines that you can use to decorate your room, living room, bathroom, kitchen or the entrance of your house. So if you want to give your home a touch of good luck and fortuneTake a look at these options carp fish that you can place in your home.

1. Gold fish with resistant material

It is a piece made entirely by hand with resistant polyresin and with a gold finish that represents wealth. A compact and very light ornament that you can place on any table or shelf.

It is a carp fish statuette with which you can welcome splendor and perpetual prosperity if you place it in your office or workplace. It functions as a catalyst for wealth, greatness, and good luck.

2. Fish figurine about lucky coins

A compact sized piece made of non-toxic resin with the highest level of details to create a realistic looking figure. The fish is perched on some coins of the same material that represent good fortune.

It is a decorative element in the form of a fish that looks good with any style of decoration; however its true purpose is to attract wealth. Is able to recognize negative energies that is in the environment and repels them.

3. Statue of bronze fish

It is a sculpture worked by hand with brass and bronze, two durable and easy to clean materials. It has a compact size for small desks and has the ability to harmonize your spaces.

It can be a good choice as a collectible, home ornament or even as a gift, since its presence benefits the health of your relatives while offering you good luck in your work and personal life.

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