A majestic animal that represents many positive things.

The elephant in many cultures, especially Asian, it is considered a sacred animal. In this sense, it is the most wonderful creature ever created and for this reason it is cause for great admiration. For some practitioners of buddhism, the elephant is considered as a heavenly animal and therefore one of the sacred treasures of the Buddha.

Within the philosophy of Feng shui, the elephant is a symbol used to represent elements such as power, wisdom, strength and fertility, and also as a representation of longevity, good luck And success. This animal has the power to act as a wish-giver and protector of the home.

Its applications within Feng Shui will be determined by the material with which it is built and the location within the space where it will be. It is important to know how an elephant should be placed in order to attract or repel chi energy. Inside the houses it is recommended that it be placed with the tube facing the inside of the room.

In this way, an elephant becomes a symbol auspicious if you know how to place it in your home. The location will be determined by the energies you want to activate in your environment, because each area of ​​your home is in charge of governing certain aspects of your life. For example, if you put it in a room, this animal takes care of energize the chi associated with this area of ​​your life.

In addition to the location, we must consider the material with which the amulet is made since both elements are fundamental within Feng Shui. We can find different options in terms of elephants and below we show you some of the styles available for harmonize chi in the environment you want.

1. Elephant figure with raised trunk


It is an elephant figure with a high trunk that is made with bronze cold cast. Its approximate dimensions are 4.25 inches, this makes it very convenient to easily incorporate anywhere.

This elegant statue of an elephant with its particular trunk raised upwards represents prosperity, good luck and success at home or in your office.

2. Statuette to attract the money


It is an old-style statue with trunks facing up so that the elephant can represent prosperity, good luck and Feng Shui. the success.

This decorative statue can be placed on the office, at the front door, in the living room and also by the bed in the room. The position the animal is in symbolizes power, wisdom, strength, fertility, and home protection.

3. Necklace with elephant pendant


This is a delicate necklace with a small pendant representing the kind and loyal elephant that Never forget. It has been made with a metal alloy that does not discolor or produce allergies.

An ideal option to attract the wisdom, prosperity, good fortune and success in your day to day. An accessory that is very easy to combine with any garment and style.

4. Elephants cut in glass healing


These are a set of three figures carved from natural quartz stone that possess healing qualities. The natural properties and composition of the stones are what give these pieces their unique beauty.

They are a strong symbol for luck, in the case of pink this is responsible for attracting love to its wearer. They have a beautiful energy that is in charge of impregnating all the space where they are.