A powerful amulet to have at home or at work.

The Feng shui it is an ancient philosophical system of China, which traces its origins to the Taoist tradition. It talks about the harmonious and conscious occupation of the spaces where we live, all this in order to achieve in these environments a positive influence on the people and activities that take place there. It could also be said that it is a kind of art to arrange harmoniously and with good energy each element in our environment.

In this way, we can understand and assume the Feng shui as the ideal way to decorate and arrange the elements within a home or office in order to create a positive flow of Chi, as universal energy is also known. In this sense, as Chi flows wherever there is life, a home with strong Chi is a lucky place to be. With Feng Shui we welcome Chi and provide positive benefits to those who inhabit that particular space.

There are many elements, tools and cures involved within the philosophy of Feng shui, which are especially responsible for reversing negative energies and creating a space fully charged with positive energies. So that within this system, there are and can find various symbols that have been created for this purpose, but this time we will review the specific meaning of the figure of the frog.

The frog is a symbol associated with the abundance and we can find it in many cultures around the world. In the case of Feng Shui it is a mythological creature with three legs, which is responsible for attracting wealth and abundance. Thus, the frog is an adorable animal that within the Chinese culture is known by the name of Jin Chan. Its shape closely resembles that of a toad and is one of the most popular within Feng Shui.

This symbol allows a increased flow of energies inside the home, and we usually find this figure sitting on a pile of coins, and the shape of his body is almost always made up of a flat, wide figure, usually with many colors that symbolize the stars. In principle, this mythological animal has deep symbolic roots in various cultures, for example, for the Japanese it means return.

This is how we can notice that in many cultures they consider the frog as a symbol of good luck, abundance and also, they are attributed the quality of take care of the money. In the case of China in particular, they have the belief that this creature appears on full moon nights, near businesses or houses, thus, these places will soon receive good news about money.

With the passage of time, the frog was endowed with different representations according to culture. Thus, in Ancient China they were represented on drums and thus invoked rain in very long periods of drought. Also, the frog is related to the Yin Lunar, it represents internal healing and formidable business. Within this philosophical system, the frog is the most favorable, since it brings with it the wealth and protection.

Finally, currently the frog It is known for its attributes granted by Feng Shui and directly associated with good luck and prosperity. For this purpose, they must have three legs, since in this way they form a perfect triangle that serves to drain the energy of the universe. So if you want to fill your home with the best energy and prosperity, take a look at the figures of lucky frogs that we show you below:

1. frog Three legs


This fat jade money frog is sitting on a gold ingot, and wrapped with a chain of copper coins on the back. This symbol represents wealth and dignity, while serving as an auspicious icon of treasure, wealth and abundance. It is made with resin that resembles jade.

Represents the good luck in career, business and wealth. You should place it in a special place in your house or at your work, since if you place it with your head towards the door, it absorbs wealth for you. On the other hand, if you have it with the money in the rump, this frog is in charge of doubling your wealth. It is an element that should not be missing in any of your environments for prosperity to accompany you.

2.Golden Frog Traditional

This money frog is a widely used symbol within Feng Shui philosophy, it has an innate propensity and keen perception for gold and wealth. It is good for obtaining wealth and is known as an animal that is responsible for attracting treasures. It is a hopeful sign of luck, treasure, wealth and abundance; Thus it is not only a decorative object, but also can avoid misfortune and attract money.

You should place it in the direction of the door to attract money and good fortune to your home. In particular, this set of protection of the prosperity with five old brass coins tied with a red thread, it is tied in order to resemble a lotus flower. The five coins come together with the promising red lucky knot, which is credited with the endless good fortune that always accompanies you.

3. Figure of Money Frog

This money and prosperity frog is finely crafted from resin and resembles jade, and the base is designed to have the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees. In the frog’s mouth there is a coin with a square hole, symbolizing success and wealth accumulation; on the back, engraved coins representing good luck in career, business, and wealth.

It is an element that can fit perfectly with the decor that you have at home or at work, and thus put it on a table, shelf or pantry. The only consideration you should keep in mind is to place the frog towards the door, in order to ensure that good fortune, wealth and abundance never stray from your side.