Its main function is fat burning …
The ketogenic or ketogenic diet (Keto diet) is to eat the maximum amount of protein and healthy high fat foods. It is used by those who want to burn fat and lose weight.

Benefits offered by this diet:

  • Appetite control
  • A healthy and effective way to burn fat long-term and without rebound
  • Energy boost
  • Control of cholesterol levels
  • Reduction in blood sugar levels
  • Among others…

As part of this diet you can eat foods such as fish, meat, avocado, eggs, cheese, and fruits, while carbohydrates such as cereals, flours, legumes, vegetables, and some fruits are restricted. This produces a loss of weight of faster way than when resorting to a habitual diet.

Take a look at the following products with which you can obtain better and faster results As part of this Keto diet:

The best-selling book in Spanish on the Keto diet on Amazon is:

1. Ketogenic Diet: The Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

The objective of this guide is to offer you a structured program on how to start the keto diet. You can also learn about the other benefits of the diet, and get practical information that will pave the way for you to enjoy lasting weight loss, a considerable reduction in size and better spirits.

2. Ketones supplement – Code Age:

Ketone capsules exogenous combined with adaptogenic herbs and MCTs, which provide antioxidants to aid in fat burning, increase energy levels, endurance, and mental performance.

The goal of this diet is to provide a greater source of healthy fats and a minimum of carbohydrates. Due to this, it is important to maintain the levels of ketosis in the body, which is responsible for generating energy, especially what is needed before a workout.

3. Drops Keto Shred:

Ketosis is the fastest and most direct way for the body to burn fat. It is the description of the phase in which the body is when it is burning fat. This is characterized by the release of ketones in the body. Ketones have many positive side effects, such as being very good for the brain.

To achieve ketosis, the body must normally burn its carbohydrate stores, which can take time. Keto Driven drops They work best when combined with a Keto diet. They are easy to take. This formula uses the power of BHB salts to start fat burning. The main ingredients help put your body into ketosis faster, which means you are burning fat instead of carbohydrates. Enhances memory and brain function: Ketones produced more easily as a side effect of this product will give a feeling of mental clarity that is not often found. Ketones help improve brain function.

4. Keto supplement Powder – Vanilla Ketosis:

Mix MCT Oil Powder from Perfect Keto you can use it in your coffee, tea, smoothies or just water. Does not require a blender. Add creamy texture to any hot or cold drink.

You can add MCT Oil Powder to your regimen as a drink add-on or snack replacement that will help you feel full throughout the day.