One of the most special moments for every young girl and her family is the celebration of the feast of fifteen years. It is a social initiation event that is inspired by the presentation dances that used to be performed in high society. Particularly, this celebration has a special relevance especially in countries and cultures. Hispanic, being this party a great event that marks the life of the quinceañera.

With this party birthday celebrates the passage from girl to woman and the presentation in society. In this sense, the organization of this event usually involves so many details that it can even overshadow other more transcendental events in the life of the woman such as the celebration of the wedding itself.

Every detail within this party must be very well taken care of, and generally, the celebration begins to be organized one year in advance, thus guaranteeing that no detail escape. A good option for this purpose is to hire the services of an event organizing company, in this way the family can delegate the pressure and take care of other important elements such as look from the quiceañera.

It is essential that the honoree looks like a whole PrincessFor this reason, clothing should be one of the elements to which more attention should be paid. The dress It is usually generally in pastel shades, with pink being one of the favorites. Currently, the color palette of the dress is not so limited, allowing it to better fit the preferences of the birthday girl.

Finally, as well as the dress, accessories and each of the details that accompany the look must be carefully selected. All eyes during the celebration will be focused on the honoree, so create a beautiful set It is a guarantee of the success of the celebration. Here are some options to help you with this important event.

1. Dress Lace and Pearls


It is a beautiful and delicate quinceanera dress with lace appliques and bare shoulders. Its design is created from a fabric semitransparent which decorates the entire top.

The garment includes a corset-type fit that helps strengthen the waist and give it a more natural look. The bottom part unfolds with a wide skirt, and the whole set is delicately embroidered with lace and pearls.

2. Heeled sandals open


It is a beautiful and delicate flip flops heel with rubber sole and buckle closure that adjusts to the ankle for better walking comfort. The front has a beautiful bow.

It has a tonality pearl, the entire surface of the sandal is decorated with diamonds. The sandal design stylizes your feet and allows you to look taller and slimmer.

3. Tiara with combs


A beautiful tiara created especially for quinceañeras decorated with diamonds rhinestones First-class transparent Austrians that are attached to a shiny silver metal base.

You can adjust and fix it comfortably since it comes equipped with hair combsThese help to keep it fixed and it is the ideal way to decorate the beautiful hair of the birthday girl on that special day.

4. Ring with heart shape


This fabulous special quinceanera ring is completely crafted by hand and made with 925 sterling silver. The center has a number fifteen surrounded by a heart with cubic zircons.

Its polished and delicate finish is an excellent option that complements and highlights all the attire. It is a special jewel that is not only ideal for the party, but also for daily use.

5. Decor for cake


It is a cake topper with a solid gold metal alloy backing. The length can be conform and shortened to fit any cake thickness, simply cutting to the desired height.

Its sparkling clear crystals create a sensation Elegant and classy for your birthday. It is a fun and joyful way to make the birthday cake stand out even more.