If you only see one or another program on a local channel, such as Caso Cerrado and the news, you should buy an antenna. Since you don’t need to have cable to watch local channels, you just need to install an antenna to your TV to receive the open channel signal, for free.

However, if you, in addition to watching Case Closed and the news, like to watch movies and series on other international channels, you could enjoy the wide variety of channels offered by cable companies, if you subscribe to one of their plans.

Cable television vs. by antenna

By having a digital antenna you can save money, since you will not have to be paying a monthly fee to the cable company for the service, because you are using an antenna to receive the open signal that some channels have. However, by having satellite television you will not be able to enjoy international channels and the number of channels you obtain may be very limited.

On the other hand, having cable television allows you to enjoy a wide variety of local and international channels, and you could also have the option to watch the programs that interest you when you want and even record them. However, cable service can be very expensive, and contracts are typically for two years.

Before subscribing to a cable company or buying an antenna, you should take into account your budget, your tastes and those of your family. Some cable companies that you can consider are:

1. Spectrum – My Latin Plan

If you are interested in obtaining cable television, you can consider Spectrum. This company has a plan called My Latino Plan It offers more than 130 channels, most of them in Spanish. My Latino Plan has a cost of $ 29.99 per month, for 12 months. Among the channels offered by this plan in Spanish are: Cine Latino, Univision and Discovery in Spanish.

2. Dish – Classic Latin

Dish offers the plan Classic Latin Dish Where most channels are in Spanish for $ 29.99 per month, for two years. With this plan you can obtain more than 180 channels such as: ESPN Deportes, Universo, Fox Deportes, etc. However, this offer is valid for new customers and requires a credit rating.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a good antenna to obtain satellite television, in Amazon You can find countless antennas of different sizes and prices.

3. Infant Optics

With this antenna You will be able to watch a wide variety of channels in HD depending on the area where you live. Among the channels that you can see are: ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and Fox. This antenna contains a state-of-the-art amplifier with which it can pick up signals from up to 80 miles away, depending on where you place it and the state where you live. This antenna has a cost of $ 27.95 And shipping is free.

4. 1Byone HDTV Antenna

The antenna It is long range (50-80 miles) and contains a detachable 1080P signal booster with which you can watch channels in 4K without interruption. Since the amplifier can improve signals weakened by obstructions between the TV antenna and local radio towers. 0.2-inch-thick, 10-foot-long coaxial cable reduces 50% signal loss. The antenna has a cost of $ 19.54.