One of its main benefits is appetite control …

If the world of seeds It was a world unknown to you, until today it came. Not all seeds are necessarily edible, but there are a good number of them that are. Adding them to your food will not only fill you with health and energy, but will add variety to your dishes, and will help you improve your health in many ways. In this case we will talk about the chia, and how this seed helps promote weight loss.

This seed is named as a superfood. It is rich in different nutrients and vitamins, which make our body in optimal conditions. To help you lose weightIts gelatinous texture helps you feel more full when you use it in salads and smoothies, among other dishes. This will help you not to feel those cravings for eating all the time and unhealthy food. Chia is also a low calorie seed. As part of its nutrients and vitamins, it contains few calories. For example, a tablespoon of chia seeds has only about 60 calories. See below several options to consume chia with your meals.

1. Chia de Navitas Organics:

Similar to sesame, chia seeds promote bone health, maintain blood pressure in check and help transport oxygen through the body. Likewise, this little girl helps keep your heart in optimal conditions, lowering LDL or “bad cholesterol” and increasing HDL, “good cholesterol”.

Chia seeds are great to hydrate your body and detoxify it, however they have a trick, they catch liquid. When you pour them in water you will see that they grow in size and create a texture similar to that of an egg white. If you consume them as is, without hydrating them first, your digestion could suffer since they will feed on the most accessible liquid, that is, the liquid in your stomach. One solution is: soak them at least 4 hours before consuming or overnight and voila. You can also grind them with a mortar, in a coffee grinder or food processor. If you have a high speed blender you can grind them together with your smoothie without problems. They contain calcium, iron, protein, and essential fatty acids.

2. Supplement NutraKey Chia Seed:

Achieve your ideal weight with this dietary supplement 100% made from chia seeds, a natural source of omega 3 and other fatty acids.

If you are one of the people who does not tolerate fish and seafood, this supplement will compensate for the lack of omega and will provide you with the fiber and energy that your body requires; mainly during the weight loss process.

3. Capsules Pure Chia Seed Oil:

Liquid capsules made with pure extract of the chia plant, which provides the body with fatty acids such as Omega 3, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Take advantage of the multiple benefits of chia by taking this supplement daily, which contributes to hair and skin health as well. It also improves the quality of sleep and suppresses appetite.