Know the properties of eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus oil can heal a cold up to avoid dandruff from your scalp. It is a plant that has many properties and benefits, there are several products with eucalyptus such as ointments, teas, pills and essential oils.

When you buy eucalyptus oil you can use it to treating flu and colds, allergies, Sinusitis, heal wounds and muscle aches, eliminate insect bites, prevent dandruff and deep clean the scalp. As well as removing bad odors at home, it will give an aroma in which you can relax in any room.

Eucalyptus essential oil can be use in 3 ways: apply directly to the skin, combine with a cream or shampoo and using a diffuser. Essential oils are for external use only.

1. Decongests the nose, relieves colds and calms allergies

If you have a cold and can’t sleep at night because of that stuffy nose, inhaling the steam from the eucalyptus oil will help you to unclog your nose. Also if you have a lot of phlegm you can expel them. You do not need to spend on a diffuser, you can place about 4 drops in the bathtub, to inhale the oil.

This essential oil is 4 ounces and it will last you for several months because you don’t need much product. Remember not to expose this product to the sun, as it eliminates the natural properties of the eucalyptus.

2. Helps treat skin irritations, relieves muscle aches and is an excellent moisturizer

Eucalyptus is an antiseptic and pain reliever, so when in contact with the skin it is capable of relieve pain and muscle tension. You can also combine a few drops in your daily cream, this will give greater moisture and hydration to your skin, eucalyptus oil takes care of your skin and prevents infections or fungi from forming.

If you have any irritation or mosquito bite, you can apply a few drops directly on your area to be treated, in a few days you will notice a complete improvement. This essential oil is one of the best sellers online.

3. Cleanses the scalp, removes dandruff and can relieve headaches

Eucalyptus being an antiseptic and antibacterial helps to clean the scalp in depth, removes dandruff and dirt. And, it is not abrasive to your scalp, it can be used by any type of hair, especially oily hair. You can put a few drops in your shampoo or in your masks.

If you have headaches, eucalyptus essential oil helps to eliminate pain when being a natural pain reliever. Ideally, you should inhale through a diffuser or in the shower. This product is organic, vegan, and made in the United States.