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Gingivitis is when there is inflammation, irritation and pain in the gums, this can cause bleeding without having yet brushed your teeth. This happens because plaque, a layer of bacteria builds up on your teeth and gums. It is a problem that can be fixed with good dental care. Choose to use brushes with soft bristles, floss, and use a mouthwash for gingivitis.

1. The Dirt: natural ingredients that are soft are the most sensitive mouths

This gingivitis mouthwash contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, sesame, clove oil, mint and other spices that are dedicated to eliminate bacteria and eliminate gingivitis. Commercial mouthwashes can be very abrasive and counterproductive, as they kill everything, even the good bacteria.

This gingivitis mouthwash is alcohol-free, making it free of strong ingredients suitable for sensitive teeth. You can use it as a mouthwash and also like a deep cleaning with oil pulling.

2. Natural Dentist: with aloe vera that prevents the formation of more bacteria

This gingivitis mouthwash contains natural ingredients and is alcohol free. Its main ingredient is aloe vera, an antibacterial and natural lubricant. It will help soften your gums and prevent bleeding. Other ingredients are calendula, cinnamon, chlorophyll, copper, and vegetable glycerin. After your brush, do a mouthwash for about 2-3 minutes.

It has a touch of mint, which will leave you a good taste in the mouth and that will help eliminate gingivitis. It is ideal for use on children and older adults. You can eat foods like apples, corn without bleeding.

3. OraMD: prevents mouth infections and relieves pain

And, because alcohol is certainly not one of the best ingredients when you have gingivitis. This is a type of essential oil that helps remove plaque, soften the gums, calm pain and heal bleeding. This oil can be used in different ways, either on your toothbrush brush or place a little product on a stick in the affected area, even combine with little water to use as a mouthwash.

This mouthwash can help prevent mouth ulcers, herpes and other infections. Kills bacteria without being abrasive.