Live without reflux and improve your quality of life.

Gastric reflux can be a very serious problem in the long run as it could burn your esophagus. Some symptoms of reflux are heartburn, acid regurgitation, you may have a sore throat or chest pain and a burning sensation in the pit of the stomach and throat. There are several ways you can control your reflux and stop this problem.

1. Watch what you eat

The most important thing is to have an irritant-free diet. If you notice that the reflux increases, stop your diet with products that have a lot of spices, that are very fatty, avoid foods with tomato, citrus or with spicy products. If you go to dinner, do it at least 3 hours before going to bed.

For when you feel a lot of inflammation, irritation, nausea or pain in your stomach you can consume ginger. This will help improve digestion, prevent reflux and discomfort. You can consume it 2 hours before eating so that the jfat I acted as a lubricant. Put a few drops of ginger in a glass of water and drink. It is important that you do not abuse the use of ginger.

2. Eliminate the consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages

If you are a coffee lover, you will have to leave it coffee causes your stomach to produce more acidity and with this ebb. An alternative is to consume a tea, as they are softer and the caffeine levels are a bit similar. One option is consume matcha, it’s smoother on the stomach, has the same caffeine as a cup of coffee, but It is not irritable or causes heartburn.

You can make it a little coconut milk, because it is ideal for people with an irritable stomach. A cup in the morning will wake you up, cause less heartburn and have a rich flavor. You need very little product to prepare a good cup of matcha.

Drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited for people who have reflux and gastritis. It causes a lot of burning, irritation and more acidity. Eliminating total consumption will give you long-term improvements.

3 Live calmly, stress is one of the biggest irritants

If you eat irritants and are very greasy, and you also have a lot of stress with problems at work, you are giving your stomach more acidity. By improving what you consume and drink daily, it is easier to moderate and eliminate reflux. If you can not relieve stress a supplement can help you.

This stress supplement has ashwaganda and L-theanine that help calm stress, give you energy and improve your mood. It is recommended to consume this supplement always accompanied with food. Remember to look for moments in the day to relax and avoid other illnesses.