A toothache it is very common to occur in both children and adults. Sometimes it occurs due to poor oral hygiene and care, since it is not given the importance and priority it deserves. It is very important that you take care of your oral health and of your dental enamel since the teeth beyond being aesthetic are a very important part of the integral health of your body.

The causes of toothache varies, but having cavities can be the main cause of pain. When you suffer from cavities and severe toothache, it means that the bacteria that live in your mouth grow with the food you eat, causing a plaque to form that attaches to the tooth’s surface. If you are suffering from severe toothaches, we recommend below several products you can use to calm him down.

1. Dental treatment Herbal Dentist:


Herbal Dentist It is formulated with peppermint, mint, clove and almond essential oils, natural ingredients that help maintain oral health. This product kills bacteria on the gums and provides immediate relief from toothache.

Treats sensitivity to gums and teeth, bleeding, sores, gingivitis, and bad breath. Its continued use provides healthier teeth. You can apply it as a mouthwash or ointment.

2. Cream Orajel Severe:

East cream pain reliever Provides instant relief for severe toothaches. Its fast action based on menthol cools and softens the affected area.

Orajel Grave Pain Pain Relief Pain offers the highest concentration of pain relievers available without a prescription for instant relief from your most intense toothaches. The thick cream is durable and easy to apply, so you get relief that lasts where you need it most. Orajel Severe Toothache Cream targets the source of your pain for instant, targeted relief.

3. Kit for toothaches DenTek oral:

DenTek Oral Helps relieve gum irritation and toothache. It has a mint flavor that leaves a fresh breath. The package includes a benzocaine container and disposable applicators.

This product is formulated to provide instant pain relief. You can apply it four times a day to achieve better oral health. Plus, the applicators come with a sleeve for easy portability.