Have healthy hair free of split ends.

Split ends are caused because your hair is low in nutrients with this it can break, lose elasticity and dry out. When combed, with the wind and heat products it breaks and the stye appears more and more. Although cutting hair can be the solution to end the stye, losing your length is not always ideal, know the machine to remove the stye and how to do a treatment so that the split ends do not appear again.

How does the stye removal machine work?

1. Split-Ender: cut the stye, so it does not damage your hair

The anti-stitch machine helps prevent it from spreading and damaging your hair. What it does is it removes split ends and doesn’t further damage hair that continues to grow. It has a technology that cuts open ends and stores them in a small compartment so that don’t have to cut your hair.

This antiorzuela makeup removes it damages the hair in any length, it is important that you have time for you can do it by sections and you can do it to get satisfactory results.

Treatment to prevent split ends

2. Apply a serum with nutrients so that the hair does not break

This is a serum that has 8 oils and keratin to give nutrients to your hair so that it is not broken, breaks and weakens; one of the reasons split ends appear. It is a light formula that must be applied from the middle to the ends so that your hair is resistant.

When cutting your hair with the antiorzuela machine, it is the ideal time to apply this serum because it will help the Hair does not weaken and recovers.

3. Use a mask to hydrate and strengthen once a week

Weather, pollution and products can damage the hair, so this does not happen so often. Well, this mask has argan, which hydrates, nourishes each hair from the roots. This split toe mask also helps prevent frizz and static. You can apply it once or twice a week or when you know the weather can damage your hair.

You can apply this mask on the tips on wet or dry hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is oily, dry or colored. Well, it nourishes the ends so you don’t have to cut your hair.