Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, it comes from the fish mainly Well, your skin is where you have high levels of collagen. Some brands focus on countries like Canada, Norway and Iceland, which are the best alternatives because thanks to their climate the fish have a better structure.

An advantage of marine collagen to other types of collagens, is that this is not waste they are pure skin and fish scales. This skin has a structure very similar to the structure of people’s natural collagen.

Marine collagen greatly helps people who have a very sensitive stomach, as it is very gentle on the stomach and cares for the intestinal flora, improving digestion. It is very rare that it causes side effects. From the consumption of hydrolyzed collagen, you will see results after one month.

What is hydrolyzed marine collagen for?

1. Improves elasticity and cares for skin tissues

A great advantage of marine collagen is that it is not obtained from fish waste, like other types of collagen. This is obtained from the skin of the fish, so it has a greater number of peptides and has a higher absorption capacity compared to other more types of collagen.

This marine collagen helps give elasticity to the skin and with this it takes care of the tissues of your whole organism. Another great advantage of marine collagen is that it is softer on the stomach. This collagen powder has 74% satisfaction.

2. Fills collagen joints to avoid accidents and have greater flexibility

This marine collagen is characterized by having collagen from Iceland, Norway and a part of France. What it does is that it fills cartilage with marine collagen, so that it is difficult to suffer damage, as it helps to give flexibility and cartilage and tendons.

Marine collagen will also help keep your bones strong and healthy. Consume one tablespoon daily dissolved in hot or cold water preferably on an empty stomach. This brand has 4.2 stars.

3. Improves digestion, heart, skin and joints by combining 5 types of collagen

Although this is not a 100% marine collagen, it combines the 5 types of collagen so that it can take care of your heart, it prevents diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cares for the joints, gives hair volume and is an excellent antioxidant for the skin. Remember that there are 5 types of collagen, this combines them all.

It is ideal if you want a collagen powder that take care of your whole body, but it contains chicken, eggs, marine animals and bovines, so if one is not to your liking or causes an allergy it will not be the best for you. It has more than 1,200 sales.

4. An anti-aging against wrinkles and skin damage

Marine collagen can be a great complement to skin care. Because it helps the skin to have more elasticity, it can fill in wrinkles, expression lines and makes your hair have more volume and become thicker, just like with nails. Marine collagen regenerates the dermis, making it more effective.

The consumption of hydrolyzed marine collagen, you will not only see the changes inside also on the outside. Many buyers combine this collagen with juices, tea and even coffee, so you decide how you combine it, but always take it in the morning.