Take advantage of the benefits of keratin to repair your hair.

The keratin It is a protein that our body generates and has a very resistant structure, but unfortunately we produce very little. In this sense, thanks to the treatments formulated with this protein, we can help repair and nourish our hair from the roots to the ends, and also avoid frizz on curly hair.

Thus, one of the most beneficial properties provided by the treatments of keratin It is the repair of the hair fibers, since it nourishes them from the roots to the ends, while giving it a more careful and silky appearance. Likewise, it is responsible for protecting your hair from external agents such as dryers, hair straighteners or fixing chemicals.

When you do a keratin treatment on your hair, it is much more restructured, brighter and with a smooth effect. In general, these types of treatments make curls softer and also enhance hair straightening. Sometimes there are people who want a permanent straightening, and for this purpose they use a variation of the same keratin treatment but with a more powerful effect.

Therefore, when you apply this sulfur-rich protein to your hair, you are helping to restructure and provide consistency to the fibers of your mane in its structure, this being the reason why it curls and becomes rebellious. So that the keratin It is the best option to apply on dry, dull, lifeless hair and especially those that have frizz.

Finally, you can opt for treatments that are not as permanent as those that are straightened, but that do contain enough nutrition and the beneficial benefits that keratin gives your hair. By following constant treatment, you would be improving your hair from within and restoring its vitality. There are different products available formulated with keratin, such as those shown below.

1. Mask Keratin


This is a mask designed to restore dry and damaged hair. Formulated with keratin, coconut oil and retinol, which have the ability to rebuild hair.

You only have to wash your hair very well, put on the mask, massage and leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse with water. Your hair will be soft, shiny and silky with salon results.

2. Conditioner Deep


It is an intensive deep conditioning mask for hair. Its formula combines keratin, argan oil, natural herbal extracts and vitamin E in a creamy preparation.

Its frequent use repairs and strengthens the hair cuticles, as well as the scalp. It makes your hair fine, manageable, flexible and silky. It is suitable for both straight and curly hair.

3. Treatment Professional with Keratin and Argan Oil


It is an advanced keratin treatment, but quick and easy to use. Takes care of Instantly straighten, repair, condition and strengthen hair from the inside out.

It is designed to straighten hair, eliminate frizz, as well as add shine, silkiness and softness to every fiber of your hair. Its results last approximately between 3 and 9 months.

4. Mask for Intense Repair

It has been expertly formulated to restore, nourish and strengthen hair. Acts as soon as it is applied to your hair, rebuilding and restoring the structure of the hair.

The mask helps your hair regain extra moisture as well as untangling strands. It is also responsible for preserving the results of hair straightening three times faster.