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The laryngitis It is inflammation of your voice box (larynx) due to overuse, irritation, or an infection from occurring. Inside the larynx is the mucous membrane that covers the muscles and cartilage, called the vocal cords.

Your vocal cords regularly open and close smoothly, causing sounds to be produced through movement and vibration. But if you have laryngitis, your vocal cords become inflamed or irritated, causing changes in your voice such as hoarseness or hoarseness. This swelling causes distortion of sounds produced by the air passing over them.

Laryngitis can usually be short-lived, which means it is not serious; But if you do not treat it in time, a viral infection can develop that has worse consequences. Look at some medicinal products that you can use to control it and feel better.

1. BEEKEEPER’S NATURALS Spray throat propolis:

With 95% bee propolis extract, it is a natural immune support and sore throat relief, ideal for cold and flu symptoms.

All it takes is a little spray to boost immunity, avoid unpleasant colds, and soothe a sore throat. A nutritious buckwheat honey, rich in antioxidants, is added to obtain the best result.

2. Traditional Medicinals Organic Tea Throat Coat:

Combined with licorice and marshmallow root, Throat Coat is like bringing your voice to the spa, because sometimes we all need a little help in order to be our best again.

It is a very relaxing tea and useful for promoting throat health. That’s why the slippery elm’s inner bark is one of the main ingredients in Throat Coat Tea, an ideal drink for singers, actors, public speakers, and anyone eager to give their throat a little love.

3. doTERRA – chocolates for the throat:

Chocolates for a throat doTERRA On Guard Deliver the immune benefits of the doTERRA On Guard proprietary essential oil blend in the comfort of an all-natural throat candy. Blended in a base of organic cane juice and brown rice syrup, they include pure therapeutic grade CPTG certified essential oils of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and myrrh.

They help soothe a dry, rough throat while promoting overall health. They can also promote healthy immune system function.