Magnesium is a mineral that you can find in wheat, spinach, avocado, almonds, quinoa and in various green vegetables, but what does magnesium help? Magnesium is an essential mineral in our body, necessary for proper care of the bones, heart and even to have a friendlier menstrual period. There is a great combination of magnesium with collagen, with calcium or with zinc. Below we recommend 4 magnesium capsules that improve your health.

Magnesium can control depression, anxiety and stress

If you have noticed that you have long periods in which you have anxiety problems or you feel in a terrible mood, it may be due to the low levels of magnesium. By consuming magnesium it can help your body relax and muscles are not contracted, even your heart do not have high palpitations or you end up having panic attacks.

Consuming magnesium can benefit prevent irritability, muscle aches and that feeling of restlessness. It is important that you do not exceed the daily dose. There are 160 magnesium capsules that will serve you for several months.

Strong bones to prevent breakage and pain

Calcium is not the only mineral that takes care of the bones, magnesium is important for bone formation and care. Magnesium and calcium are very important, because if you do not have an appropriate consumption, it can affect decalcification in the bones and other pain over time.

With a constant consumption it helps to improve bone density, prevents the loss of the most muscular, strengthens bones and supports better performanceto. The magnesium pills of this brand can be somewhat large, so you can break it when you swallow them.

3. Protects the heart, regulates blood pressure and helps you sleep better

One of the properties of magnesium is that it is a great supplement for the heart, in addition to improving the functioning of blood vessels. Taking a magnesium pill can improve your blood pressure and to obtain a better absorption of calcium and potassium. Consuming magnesium for your muscles and heart promotes stable health.

Other benefit of magnesium, is that if you notice that you are having trouble sleeping, magnesium is responsible for reducing stress, as it acts as a calming and relaxing. Perfect to consume magnesium in those periods of high stress.

Prevents premenstrual syndromes and migraine in men and women

Always a few days before the menstrual period you may feel tired, with pain in the chest or hip, with swelling, fluid retention and even headaches. One of the benefits of taking magnesium is that it will help prevent premenstrual syndromes and not affect your day. What magnesium does is that it reduces these symptoms and will help you not have a headache.

By reducing migraine pain, magnesium will eliminate headache at the root. If you are a woman whose premenstrual symptoms are terrible, start by taking magnesium so that those pains and symptoms do not affect you and you can have a friendlier menstrual period.