The Om It is a mantra or vibration, to which great spiritual and creative power is attributed, because it is the basic sound of the universe. Likewise, it is a symbol rich in meaning and depth that combines our physical part and our spiritual part as a whole. Thus, Om is the cosmic sound, the first pulsation or vibration of the unmanifested when manifesting.

In India it is very common to see the representation of this symbol, both in the temples as well as in the houses, restaurants, shops and anywhere. In this sense, it is used to harmonize the energies. In the same way, in the western world the use of this powerful symbol becomes more and more common, since it is the way to be in tune with the most sacred mantra.

At the time of making a meditation, a mantra is the most common form, so this repetition helps us to reach a state of relaxation and internalization that promote the meditative state. Mantras hold great meaning, because they are a form of soul healing and lead us to transformation. With repetition we make it permeate our whole being and reach our subconscious.

Listen to the mantra Om It allows us to focus attention on a sound in a simple way, in addition to helping you focus attention and be present, it has the advantage of having a very intense and penetrating vibration, allowing you to relax your mind and attract positive energy. Om has been used at all levels of meditation, From beginners to the most advanced.

Finally, in addition to pronouncing this mantra sacred in each meditation with awareness and valuing its great universal power, you can have in your home environment that you use to meditate a representation of the most sacred symbol for Hindu philosophy, such as the options that we show you below:

1. Om pendant with floral frame


This beautiful and sacred wall decoration is ideal for your home, meditation altar, or yoga center. This made entirely by hand by Indian artisans with 100% real wood.

It is considered as one of the mantras most sacred, appears at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit recitations, prayers, or texts. Embrace it and let it be a beautiful part of your life.

2. Wooden board biodegradable


Made of sustainable wood, with renewable biodegradable materials, completely by hand. Perfectly cut with high quality, to hang it on the wall of your choice at home.

Its sound and its symbol is sacred, the Om represents the three worlds: earth, environment and sky. It allows you to decorate and prepare the environment you want to carry out your meditations and connect with the universe.

3. Wooden mandala with the Om at the center


Beautifully carved in thick wood, with an excellent handmade finish. It has a hole in the back which allows easy mounting, to complete the decoration of any environment.

It is one of the most sacred symbols of Hinduism, it is the universal name of the Lord and that surrounds all creation. You can easily incorporate this mantra with the design and decoration of your home.