As good Latinos, in almost every home we have a alcoholic bottle on the nightstand, in the bathroom or in the fridge (so it is fried when you use it!). This especially is part of our Puerto Rican culture.

The alcoholic is a mixture of alcohol and natural plants, including eucalyptus, malagüeta and mint. This is commonly used to relieve headaches, to lower fever, to relieve muscle aches, and to cure mosquito, ant, and other insect bites.

You can also use the alcoholic:

  • As a decongestant of the nose
  • As an anxiety reliever when inhaled
  • To avoid irritations after shaving
  • As a mosquito repellent
  • To cure colds
  • Helps reduce dandruff (apply carefully and in small amounts a few minutes before washing hair). Be very careful not to fall into the eyes

There are some varieties of alcoholic. Check them out below:

1. Alcoholado Eucalyptus 70:

12 ounce bottle, with eucalyptus as the main ingredient.

2. Alcoholado Top 70:

11.8-ounce bottle, with malagüeta as the main ingredient.

3. Alcoholado The miraculous:

12-ounce bottle, made with malagüeta-based bay oil.