Remove the black spots from your face.

If you have already tried several products and do not notice improvements on your face, continue the same number of black points, you may not have the correct products. To stop and control, it is mandatory have a daily beauty routine at night and in the morning. Preferably with a soap that removes impurities it can be foam, liquid or even stick. Remove stitches from the nose and cheeks by following these steps.

Control the fat, to stop the black spots and they don’t come out anymore

It is important to control the fat on your face so that no more black spots come out. After washing your face and applying your toner or essence you need a serum. This serum helps control fat production, minimize pores and prevent acne breakouts. Slowing down fat production helps blackheads no longer come out.

This serum will will help reduce black spots and will give elasticity to your skin, also prevents signs of aging. You need a few drops to cover your face, avoid excess product so you don’t have the sticky feeling.

Exfoliate at least once a week with a blackhead mask

In order for blackheads to be removed, you need an exfoliation, at least once a week with an activated carbon mask. Removes dead cells, rebuilds skin, deep cleans and remove blackheads. When you apply it, your pores must be open, so that the product penetrates more and reaches deeper.

To open your pores, you just need a little steam on your face. It can be after showering. This mask includes a brush to apply it all over your face and don’t make a mess.

3. Using a machine that removes blackheads and any other impurities

If you want to complete your routine or do not have much patience, this black point sucker will be very useful. Have 4 suction probes that you can put on your face, depends on the area in which you want to apply it. You can control the time and speed. A perfect tool to have a flawless face.

Do not abuse its use, because your skin could be irritated. It is essential that you follow the instructions for use, because if you do not do it correctly the product will not work, take your time to get rid of blackheads.

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