Barbecues are most delicious when shared at home are our loved ones.

One of the best ways to share special moments with our family, friends or loved ones is by preparing a delicious food. In this sense, one of the most famous and preferred menus to delight all palates, without a doubt barbecue with exquisite cuts of meat, fish, poultry and even vegetables prepared in the comfort of our home.

In a grill We can prepare many foods and ingredients, always with the factor of using heat or direct fire as a cooking method. In general, barbecues They are carried out outdoors, since they usually emit a lot of heat and smoke from the same combustion of the coal or wood used. There are even those who use accessories or special implements to increase the production of smoke from the barbecue and thus achieve a smoky aroma and flavor in all foods.

This delicious gastronomic tradition has been maintained from generation to generation, and has been modified and personalized according to the regions and cultures, which slightly varies the preparation or sometimes the cuts of meat; but the essence of the fire cooking process is essentially the same.

In the market we can find different options of grills, which vary in dimensions, characteristics, capacity, design, functions and of course also the cost. Thinking about these moments of sharing and preparing delicious dishes, we decided on this occasion to review two specific models of grills so you can decide which is the best to have at home and thus, receive your family, friends and those special people to share and enjoy an appetizing meal prepared in the comfort of your home.

First of all, we find the Grill Hamilton Beach Searing 25360, It is an ideal mini grill for outdoor that runs on electricity. It has a good design and is visually very attractive. Despite being an electric grill, it works like a traditional grill, and with its panini press you have the ability to press up and down. Its bottom plate is heated and is everything you need to grill your delicious cuts of meat, poultry, fish and the vegetables you want.

It allows you a roasting experience at home or outdoors. You can have it anywhere allowing you to have easy access to it and more comfort. Its design includes a lid that can be closed, helps trap heat and, for example, you can melt the cheese on a hamburger or keep the temperature of your food while you serve it. With this cover you can also keep food out of sight, if it has been prepared in advance or simply because you want to surprise your diners.

Thanks to this grill you can discover how moist and tender meat can be, when you roast them the right way. This grill rack quickly increases to high heat, making it ideal for cutting juices and flavor, then chills to the proper temperature to finish cooking your food. This way you will achieve tender results in each bite you eat, showing off with your ability to grill meats every time you have guests invited to your home.

On the other hand, we have the LIVEN Hot Pot electric grill, versatile and very easy to use. It has been designed in a unique, beautiful way and with a generous space to make your preparations. It is multifunctional, so it allows you the option of choosing the shabu shabu pot or grill according to your needs when cooking. It is built with healthy food grade materials, does not warp and is resistant to high temperatures. The hob and the pot are covered with a non-stick coating.

When you use the pot, you have the advantage that it boils quickly even if it does not have a lid, likewise, the grill can reach high temperatures in a very short time, so you can prepare delicious dishes in a very short time. Finally, both grills are excellent options to equip your kitchen and enjoy a delicious barbecue at homeHowever, if you find it difficult to choose which is the best for you, we show you both grills in greater detail below.

1. Compact electric grill Hamilton Beach 25360

It is a grill with hood for interiors, designed with a high scorching heat that blocks the juices and flavors of your preparations. It allows you to close the lid in order to give distinctive marks to the grill; its plate and lid are removable for easy cleaning and it is even dishwasher safe.

You can immediately become a roast master, since this grill can reach a temperature of 450 degrees. You can also adjust the temperature dial when making preparations that require a lower cooking temperature. Additionally, so that you are comfortable and enjoy while you are cooking, it incorporates lights that indicate the temperature and are very easy to read.

2. Electric Grill LIVEN Hot Pot


It is a very versatile and easy to use 2 in 1 grill, which is designed from unique, beautiful and generous shapes. It is multifunctional, since they have the goodness to allow you to choose between the pot and the grill according to the cooking needs that your preparation merits. The material with which it is made is resistant to high temperatures, while it is safe for your health. It is separated into two sections so you can prepare several foods at once without mixing flavors or temperatures.

The cooktop of this grill and the hot pot are coated with a non-stick coating of high resistance, which has a good effect on the food you are cooking, preventing it from sticking to the surface or burning during the roasting or cooking process. Additionally, you can shake the hob with superior thermal conductivity, for rapid temperature distribution across the entire surface.