With changes in temperature, with bacteria in the environment, with exposure to the sun, and for many other causes, our skin can become affected to the degree of being totally sensitive. Many times we get allergies, it gets dry and so many things happen to us that we don’t even know where to start to take care of ourselves.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of products on the market that provide the skin care you need from the time you are in the bathroom. See below for various bath gel options with ingredients and nutrients to care for your sensitive skin.

1. Sebamed Gel liquid:

With moisturizing ingredients of allantoin and pentavitine. It promotes healthy skin and supports the protective barrier functions of the skin and the natural healing process.

It is slightly scented and smooth for atypical skin diseases, formulated with vitamins B3 (niacin), B5, B6 and biotin. 100% soap, paraben, alkali and gluten free. It is a concentrated formula that cleanses the face and body with a dime-sized amount. Eliminates lipids that clog pores, leaving face and body soft and flexible.

2. Shampoo and bath gel (2 in 1) Philosophy Pure:

Wrap yourself in the aroma of soap and water of pure grace. This luxurious shower gel can be used as Bath gel or for bubble bath.

Its formula is of special ingredients for sensitive skin. Leaves skin feeling soft & hydrated

3. Moisturizing gel Vitabath:

32 ounce body wash mainly to treat dry and sensitive skin. To use in the shower, press the pump onto a sponge or washcloth and apply to the skin.

It has a relaxing fragrance of rich jasmine, fresh violet and soft white musk. Contains Vitamins A, D & E and botanical extracts. Helps calm and condition the skin.