One of the necessary elements that you must have to feel ready for the arrival of the baby is a breast pump. This tool gives you the opportunity to obtain much more milk and thus guarantee the good nutrition of your child during his lactation period. It also gives you the opportunity to always have reservations on hand to feed it when you are in public places.

These tools also help you prevent diseases due to the excessive accumulation of milk such as mastitisBut the most important thing is that you will always be able to count on milk to feed your baby when you are not around and in this way contribute to his health. There are different options of extractors, but this time we review two of them in particular to find out which is the best for nursing mothers.

First of all we have the Electric Pump Bellababy Double which is designed with four modes with which you can massage and stimulate gently breasts safely. It has a continuous suction mode that is ideal for emptying the breast quickly, it also offers nine different suction options so you can adjust it to you. Your engine quality It doesn’t make any bothersome noise so you can prepare bottles while baby is asleep and without fear of waking him up.

On the other hand, we have the Mom Harmony, with a lightweight design that makes it portable and lightweight. It has two-phase suction technology that facilitates a very complete extraction. Its handle is rotatable, ergonomic and soft to the touch, this makes the manual pumping also very comfortable. Finally the milk container is made of plastic BPA free. Both options represent an excellent way to contribute to the healthy feeding of babies, but if you still can’t decide on one, we will show you both again in greater detail.

1. Electric Pump Bellababy Double


It has been designed with a display of High Definition It keeps you informed about suction levels, the status of the pump’s battery and the amount of milk that has been expressed.

Your panel is tactile and sensitive, and allows you to operate it easily using just your fingers. It is very light and portable, it also includes a built-in lithium battery that makes it the ideal option to take on your trips.

2. Manual pump Mom Harmony


It is the most suitable option to provide the best feeding for the baby while the mother is not around. This manual extractor has the technology Latest and easiest to use that is available today.

You can get more milk for each suction thanks to its design And in its convenient shape, it allows you to select the suction phase and get the most out of your vacuum system.