Types of hair brushes that you have.

Sometimes we do not know which brush is ideal for our hair type, and that is that using the wrong one is not the end of the world. The advantages of using a brush for your hair type is that: it prevents it from being mistreated, the bristles help to take care of the hair and of course it can control frizz, volume, detangle it and even give it a natural shine. We give you 4 that can be adapted to your hair.

1. Paddle brush: for long hair, extensions to detangle without much effort

For those who have long hair, this is below the shoulders, it is to use a palette type hair. This is because thanks to her sows It helps to detangle it effortlessly and without hurting it, since it covers most of the hair without having to run it over and over again. By using this type of brush you help it not break.

If you have extensions, this brush is perfect for detangling hair and without being mistreated. There are 4 different colors.

2. Natural bristle brushes: ideal for damaged and very thin hair because it distributes natural oils and does not pull the hair

After dyeing it, contamination or the sun, the hair can become dry and very damaged. The natural bristle brush helps not to pull the hair to treat it gently. Helps distribute natural oils to all your hair And the best thing is that if your hair is very thin, the bristles are closer together so as not to pull. It also improves the texture of the hair and prevents you from having so much frizz.

The natural bristle brush is ideal forto smooth and semi curly damaged hair, If your hair is very Chinese, you can feel it very fluffy.

3. Skeleton type brush: for Chinese or short hair helps define curls

This type of curl brush helps shape and detangle without leaving it so smooth. If you are going to style it, the ideal is that you start to mold it from the moment you brush it. Likewise Helps detangle, shine, and volume. It is perfect for hair that has no volume. Although this brush does not have the back as a skeleton type brush it has the same function.

The ideal not to mistreat your hair, is don’t brush it when it’s wet it is more susceptible to change and damage.

4. Padded brush: for perfect straight hair if you have keratin treatment

If you had a keratin treatment, you want to save time ironing your hair, the padded brush is the ideal It helps to straighten and detangle it in the same way if your hair is straight and very thin, it helps do not break and treat it gently. As it is quilted, it helps to avoid so much frizz in your hair.

This is a set of 2 brushes, remember to wash it constantly. You can do it with the shampoo to use and soak it overnight to remove dirt.