The best aerial shots with the best technology.

The activities at fresh air they are one of the most fun and special moments we can share. From playing sports, walking, taking photos and videos. An excellent choice for record outdoors and access spaces where we cannot reach by ourselves is through a drone. That is why this time we show you two excellent options from which you can choose.

First we find the Drone WiFi FVP, which is equipped with a 120º wide angle HD 720P camera. You have the ability to capture high definition videos and clear aerial photos. It is designed with a real-time FVP Wi-Fi transmission system that can be connected to your ph Accurately capture photos and record videos for extraordinary moments.

It is designed to allow control of the drone Adjusting the vertical and horizontal position from your smartphone through the XT GO app, its flight path function when drawing it on the touch screen.

On the other hand we have the SYMA X22W Mini Dr It is very easy to use, you just press a button and it will take off or land. It has a real-time headless mode and a fascinating 360º turn function, which is very convenient for beginners. Additionally, it includes an altitude hold function, which ensures stable hovering in the air at a specific altitude. Thanks to this function, excellent aerial images and videos with the latest technology trajectory are possible.

Both of them drones They are excellent options to capture the best images, both in photographs and video when you are doing any outdoor activity. Best of all, they are very easy to use, even for beginners. If you still haven’t decided which one is best for you, we’ll show you both more carefully below.

1. Drone WiFi FPV


It is made with ABS material of high quality, which allows you to enjoy when you are outdoors and want to capture the moment. You can release your worries from a sudden discharge or drop.

At the push of a button, the drone rises or lands. It has a way of altitude hold, which you can precisely lock height and location, scroll steadily, and capture images.

2. Drone SYMA X22W


Is very Easy to use and suitable for beginners. It has propeller protectors to ensure a safer flight. Its construction is with high quality materials to guarantee its durability.

You can get great pictures on every flight you take. It is the ideal and most practical option to capture the best moments of outdoor adventures. You can operate everything from your smartph