Prepare in time for the snowy season.

The season of winter, and a tool that cannot be missing in our homes are the snow removers. Thanks to these practical devices we can clean the snow of the entrance and any space quickly and very comfortably. There are different types of snow removers, but this time we review two of the best electric models.

First of all we find the PowerSmart DB5023H remover, which is a 13 amp electric remover, specially designed for cleaning entrances, patios and any space in a comfortable and very practical way. It has the ability to cut snow up to 18 inches in one step. It has a resistant rubber vacuum cleaner, capable of throwing snow up to 30 feet. With an adjustable chute, you have the possibility of throwing the snow in any direction you want. Its oversized handle is designed for easy use with winter gloves.

On the other hand we have the Tacklife remover, designed with a powerful 15 A motor and 3000 rpm. It moves up to 800 pounds per minute, this way you can quickly remove snow from driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Its steel auger is durable, it has 4 resistant blades made of steel. Its well-covered drill with antifreeze rubber extends the life of this functional electric snow remover. It does not use gas, oil or tunings, it is very easy to start and maintain, with a low noise level and without contamination. Finally, its direction is 180 degree adjustable, throws snow up to 30 feet; 60º and 90º snow output gives you more options while cleaning the snow.

So both electric snow removers They offer endless, convenient and practical options for this winter. However, it is not so easy to decide which is the best, for this reason, we show you both in greater detail.

PowerSmart DB5023H


This designed with a 13 Amp electric motor for effective snow removal. Works for snow clearing up to 18 inches wide and 7.9 inches deep in one step.

The Rubber-tipped steel breaks loose snow with ease. Its electrical operation is ideal for cleaning light snows on patios, hallways, sidewalks and house entrances.

2. Remover Tacklife


Has been designed to quickly clear snow on driveways Medium to large in size, especially on sidewalks, patios and driveways. Collect and clean snow thoroughly at every step.

Tea provides comfortable use thanks to its double switch for greater safety and it has a handle covered in PE antifreeze plastic. Includes a cable hook, so you can hang it up while using it.

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