A basic makeup trick to highlight your look.

The makeup It is a powerful secret weapon, which helps us stand out and look even more fabulous according to the occasion. In the case of makeup from our eyesThis will depend and is very varied according to the moment or the situation. For example, for day-to-day, just by highlighting our gaze with the eyeliner suitable our look will be complete.

Thus, a key element to succeed with makeup is the outline. Although in the market we can find different types of eyeliners capable of adapting to each woman, not all of them work to create a particular makeup style. Generally, the eyeliner most popular and easiest to use is the pencil. You can take it with you everywhere and allows you to get a flawless line.

In case you want to get a makeup much more delicate and feminine, an excellent option is found with the liquid eyeliner. We can come across a variety of presentations, as well as an extensive range of shades and finishes; however, the most important thing to consider in relation to this type of liner is the tips that allow us to define the layout.

One of the current favorites by makeup experts is undoubtedly the gel liner. It is perfect when you want to wear a makeup style cat eyes. In this case, you need to have a lot of skill to manipulate the applicator brush. They generally include a brush or you can use any angle you have in your cosmetic case.

Finally, the range that we can find available on the market is infinite. In any case, the selection of the eyeliner Proper depends on our skills when applying makeup as well as the effect we want to obtain to highlight our eyes and our makeup in general. Here are some special options for you.

Eyeliner Pencil long-lasting


His formula special makeup contains candelilla wax and carnauba wax that dries quickly and stays strong. Use makeup remover or oil to remove easily in seconds.

Each feather has two ends, one for the print and the other to define the rest of your eye with precision. It gives you a simple and practical way to show off a perfect look.

Waterproof Eyeliner High Definition


It is a liquid eyeliner with applicator of fine brush, very easy to use. The texture of the flexible brush adheres easily to your eyelid for an additional shiny black effect.

It is formulated based on water, paraben free and easy to remove. Its extremely fine brush applicator guarantees you a simple, precise and true line to look spectacular.

3. Gel Eyeliner long-lasting

This eyeliner is formulated with a pigment of High intensity, long-lasting and also hypoallergenic, so you can use it without any fear of allergies despite the fact that you have very sensitive skin.

It allows you to have a optimal coverage and is designed for professional makeup results. Your gaze stands out with greater intensity and with a more defined look.

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