Learn about the best coverage to protect your home at all times.

Protecting your home and everything in it is extremely important if you want to secure your investment and sleep peacefully. Because of this, here I present you with the best home insurance you can consider to protect your entire family from accidents, theft, and disasters that may occur.

1. Progressive

Progressive is one of the most popular companies in the home insurance industry, as it offers policies to protect the home under all kinds of circumstances. For example, the home insurance it offers Progressive (Dwelling coverage) pays for the damages caused to your house and any object that is permanently tied to the house (garage, terrace, cabinets, etc.). Also, if you want to protect other things that are not permanently tied to the house, such as gates or a swimming pool, you can add “other structures” coverage to protect them.

On the other hand, with Progressive you can also get coverage to protect all your items found in your house from theft and damage. Even if an item is stored in the garage or car, and it is stolen, the policy covers the costs of the items. Other coverage Progressive offers can protect you against fire, flood, legal action, etc.

2. Allstate

Allstate offers home insurance, with which you can protect your home and all the items that are inside. Allstate’s standard coverage helps pay for damage repairs caused by certain risks or hazards such as: theft, fire and smoke, wind, hail, falling objects, frozen pipes, and water damage.

In addition, the company offers significant discounts and advice with an agent so that you know and choose the insurance that best suits you. For example, one of the discounts you can get at Allstate is the 30% discount for multiple policies. To get the discount you must have two or more insurance policies, such as a house and a car together, to save 30% on the policy.

3. Nationwide

Housing coverage of Nationwide It offers protection for the structure of your house, which includes floors, walls, appliances and any structure that is attached to the structure. Similarly, it covers damage caused by fire, hail, theft and vandalism. To this basic coverage you can add other insurance to protect your home against floods, earthquakes, total loss and you can add coverage to cover medical expenses if a person falls in your home.

On the other hand, Nationwide has a coverage called Valuables Plus that offers an additional level of protection for high-value items such as jewelry, antiques, and artwork.

4. State farm

Similarly, with State farm You can obtain homeowners insurance to cover damages caused to the property by: storms, fire, hail, lightning, etc. Similarly, you can get a policy to cover your belongings and home from theft, vandalism, riot, aircraft and vehicles.

On the other hand, if you want to protect your personal items at all times you can get a personal items policy. This is a worldwide coverage for items that are not protected by other policies, with which you can protect your items regardless of where they are located.