The right tool to help you lose weight.

Today one of the most popular and easy ways to lose weight is with the smoothies, delicious smoothies that have vegetables, fruits, milk or yogurt and that are very easy to make. But to achieve this, an important step is to have the mixer correct. Currently there is a wide variety of mixer and blender options for this, but here we will show you two of the most outstanding.

First we find the Hamilton Beach Staff, a blender that allows you to make your own drinks and take them with you no matter where you are. Its versatile plastic jug works as a stationary mixing container and also as a embace portable completely airtight thanks to its vacuum sealing lid.

Is mixer Provides you smooth, even blends with the consistency and flavor you want no matter what ingredients you use. The embace has measuring lines on the front so you know the exact amount of liquids well and can prepare smoothies as thick as you like.

On the other hand we have the Personal Cosori, a blender designed with a high torque base and a powerful motor that allows you to crush ice and grind fruits or vegetables with ease. It is equipped with a protector that prevents overheating or overloading as well as durable three-edged stainless steel blades.

Something special about this device is its control panel that is easy to use and gives you the possibility to mix, grind or grind in case you want a smoothie. hail. The mixer includes a set of lids and containers of different sizes so you can store your preparations or take them with you.

It is logical that each blender offers you options to prepare nutritious smoothies that will help you lose weight, but it is very important that you take your time and do the correct choice. If you still do not feel completely safe, we show you both devices so that the details are better.

Hamilton Beach Staff with vacuum sealing cap


A personal designer mixer compact Ideal for home, office and even for trips thanks to its hermetic container and vacuum sealing lid. Its powerful stainless steel blades make all your preparations have a pleasant texture.

With only one touch You can mix and get excellent smoothies, smoothies, salad dressings and much more in minutes. Its bottle is perfect to use as a glass and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Personal Cosori with torque base


It is a blender professional quality but in a smaller and more comfortable size. An appliance designed to give you the best performance and consistent results that’s easy to set up and clean.

his powerful motor it has the ability to extract all the nutrients and vitamins of your favorite fruits and vegetables. A kitchen accessory that allows you to get soft drinks with a pleasant texture in just one minute.

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