Your child will have maximum fun at their fingertips at all times.

The portable game consoles are light devices that allow us to play video game anywhere or anytime, because all components such as controls, display, speakers and battery are integrated into the same unit in a small and convenient size. We can find a variety of options, but this time we will show you two specifically.

First we find the Playstation Portable 3000; It is a device that offers you a beautiful, brighter screen, which gives you a multitude of entertainment options while traveling. You can play, listen to music, connect to the internet, watch movies and everything you want in a compact and elegant size that you can take wherever you want.

This console has all the features of older PSPs, however it includes a built-in microphone that allows you to take advantage of voice functions in some games without having to use a headset.

Furthermore, we find the Nintendo Switch, which gives you the versatility of being able to play at home connected to your TV system or use it as a portable device. Designed in a way that allows you to rotate the screen-sharing mount as well as the controller for instant multiplayer fun. It has a huge library of games, so you will have a different game for each meeting. Additionally, you can enjoy all games in HD resolution.

Both devices offer excellent options for fun of your children, even for family fun. Each console has particular and specific characteristics, making it a bit complex to decide which one is the best for you. In any case, to make this task a much easier decision, we show you both consoles below in greater detail.

1. PlayStation Portable 3000

Designed to handle all varieties of applications and entertainment, such as music, video, communication, wireless networks and of course, games that you can also enjoy in 3D with high-quality video.

Your game library owns hundreds of titles And spanning a wide variety of genres, whether you’re looking for soccer successes or a puzzle game strategy, there will surely be plenty of games for you.

2. Nintendo Switch


This package includes the Nintendo Switch console, the Nintendo dock, the controllers, two accessories strap with a grip, HDMI cable and Nintendo Switch AC adapter.

Is a new system Home video game, in addition to providing single-player and multiplayer thrills at home, lets you flip a switch and transition to portable mode.