The best way to enjoy your favorite music at all times.

The music it is a fundamental part of any aspect of most people’s lives. It is that extra element that makes any situation, an extraordinary moment when we enjoy our favorite songs. Thanks to the technology, we can take the soundtrack of our lives wherever we go with the portable music players.

If you want to continue enjoying your favorite music always and anywhere, we recommend these options in portable music players so you can choose which one is best for you. First we find the Treblab HD55 speaker with bluetooth; It has a vertical format different from the rest of the players and it is also much more powerful.

Thanks to its design, the sound is distributed in all directions, so if you are having a party, any of the attendees can listen and enjoy the music just as well. Its battery is 4000 mAh, allowing you to use it without interruption for 10 hours. The power of this player is 24 W, allowing you to listen to music outdoors or in any space without any problem.

On the other hand we have the player SolarM, which has the ability to play your favorite music through its port for USB connection and stereo radio. You can connect via Bluetooth, any device such as your smartphone or tablet to play the files that contain your favorite music, regardless of where you are.

It provides you with excellent amplified sound quality, so you can musically acclimate any space where you are and make your daily routines even more enjoyable. Its connectivity is wireless, in addition to being compatible with your devices, this player allows you to also listen to the radio station of your choice. Below we present both in more detail and best of all, is that both are already available to you at Amazon.

1. Player Treblab HD55

Its sound is surprisingly powerful. With its technology it allows you to create a sound experience similar to what you can perceive at a concert by your favorite artist live.

This player is your new best friend. Musicalize your day wherever you go like a pool, a party, a trip or just a long day in your office. It is strong and resistant to bad weather and splashes.

2. SolarM: Speaker Portable radio

It is a 100% new and high qualityIt includes a Super Bass and excellent sound quality. You can sync it with your iPhone, iPad or any other smart device.

Beautiful, elegant and modern. In addition to its creative shape and design, the most important thing is that it puts at your disposal a high-quality amplified sound.