The kitchen knives They are the most important utensils that we must have when cooking. With them we cut, peel, chop, slice and practically become an extension of our hands. When we choose the right knife for each moment, the cooking experience will be superior, your results better and your tasks faster.

Knives range from the type of grip or handle, to how the blade is inserted into the handle, and in turn, the types of knife blades. You can find a variety of sets with different characteristics and materials, and this time we will show you two options to help you choose the kitchen knife set that best suits you.

First we find the classic stainless steel set of Cuisinart. These are a variety of new and innovative knife styles that allow home cooks to customize their cutlery collection. They are made with upper blades of high carbon stainless steel for more precise cuts.

On the other hand we have the stainless steel set with Emojoy. This set provides you with sharp, rust-resistant knives that are easy to maintain, retain sharpness and sharpen easily. They have beautiful Pakka wood handles with rivets.

These handles are very durable and dense, their traditional polymer handles are of industrial resistance. Both sets of knives offer you excellent options when cooking, each one of its characteristics and functional design has its particularities. Finally, if you still cannot decide, we will show you both sets in greater detail.

1. Cuisinart: Knives Stainless steel

This knife set comes with high carbon stainless steel blades, making each cut a precise and exact. They are strong and durable utensils.

Its blades are sharp ground and easy to clean, are gradually reduced to a fine and extremely thin edge. They are an extraordinary option for your daily cooking tasks, they also have a lifetime guarantee.

2. Emojoy: Knife Set with Wood block


They are made with high carbon stainless steel upper blades for more precise cuts. Its handle is made with Pakka woodThey are sharp, robust and practical.

This game of block knives It is essential for professional and amateur chefs. You can safely store them in the knife block also made of Pakka wood.