Keep your house under surveillance from your cell phone at all times.

With the advancement of technology, each of the elements that surround us and even the most everyday have become smart to adapt to the new needs that the season demands. In this sense, a device that does not escape this intelligent wave are the bells for house doors, which have used these advances to give greater benefits to users.

There are different options available, which vary from their functions to their design, but this time we review two specifically so that you decide which is best to install on the door of your house. First of all we have the Doorbell AWOW, which has been designed wirelessly and to be resistant to weathering and any weather conditions. It has a shared use design, so that it allows you to share the device with family or friends and gives them the same authority to control the video doorbell through an application.

On the other hand we have the Ring Doorbell, which allows you to be connected to your home with alerts activated by motion, HD video and two-way conversation. You can receive alerts on your phone, tablet or computer when someone comes to your door, so you can see, hear and speak to visitors from wherever you are. Thus, it allows you to answer any call to your door from anywhere thanks to its wide-angle HD video camera and protect your property day and night with its infrared.

Finally, both doorbell options are great, because they allow you to monitor everyone who comes to your door even when you are not at it, thanks to alerts sent to the devices of your choice. They are a way for you and your family to be safe all the time, but if you still can’t decide which is the best for your home, we will show you both again in greater detail.

1. Stamp with AWOW camera


This is a smart doorbell designed so you can record voice messages for pre-recorded responses, for when you can’t speak or just when you’re in a hurry.

You can see, hear and speak in real time with all those people who come to the door of your house. Also, images captured by a wide-angle camera are stored in the cloud and have low power consumption.

2. Ring for Ring door


It’s a smart ringtone which issues motion triggered alerts, which you receive on your phone, tablet or computer as soon as a person presses your doorbell or activates the motion sensors.

At the same time, you can enjoy a two-way talk, Since you can listen and respond to people at your door from your mobile device, with the integrated microphone and speakers.

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