A device that arrived to facilitate your day to day.

A smart watche is a revolutionary device that offers you much better functions than a regular wristwatch. These devices within their characteristics can include GPS, heart rate monitor, barometer, compass, altimeter, among others. They also have connectivity mechanisms such as Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, cellular networks or USB.

Currently there are many improved models, which allow you to search the internet with your voice, track your exercise routines and even reminders of your tasks. This time we will show you two options in smart watches to help you select which one is the best for you.

First of all we have the Apple Watch Series 3, which allows you to monitor your health and keep track of your workouts. This watch allows you to do everything directly from your wrist. You get all the motivation you need to improve your physical condition, you stay connected with the people you care about and the information that interests you. It has three circles on its screen: Stand, Move and Exercise, which indicate all the movements you do daily.

On the other hand we have the smart watch Samsung Gear S3, which is designed for adventure and allows you to stay in touch without having to reach for your ph You can pay directly from your wrist, track your location, and withstand any weather. It allows you to send text messages, call and receive notifications directly from your Bluetooth.

You can make payments through its application Samsung Pay without having to touch your credit card and its built-in GPS allows you to track your activities and makes it easy to share your location.

Both devices have terrific features; However, each one has a very particular design. For this reason, below we show you both so you can decide which one is the best for you.

1. Apple Watch Series 3

You will never miss a important call or notification. Talk to your contacts with Walkie-Talkie or listen to your favorite playlist or podcast. It allows you to be connected with the people and information that interests you.

It allows you to carry a exercise log that you practice, like cycling, swimming and high intensity training. Follow your process with advanced features such as Cadence and Rhythm Warning.

2. Samsung Gear S3

It is a watch with a military grade performance. It has a distinctive steel bezel that you can rotate to access applications and notifications. Its buckle strap allows you to fit your watch comfortably to your wrist.

It allows you send text messages, call and receive notifications directly from your phone connected to your watch via Bluetooth. It is resistant to dust, water, extreme temperatures and drops.