The most fun and resistant equipment for the enjoyment of children.

The tablets They are currently considered one of the most important technological developments with the greatest impact in recent years. To such an extent that they have become one of the electronics devices most requested worldwide. A tablet is a very intuitive device that allows you to access a large number of applications designed for both work and entertainment.

In addition to their multiple functions, they are highly customizable that give the user the experience of being able to configure it with the parameters that best suit their needs. The quality of the screen, the capacity of your internal memory and the quality of audio and video reproduction; these are just some of the aspects that most people tend to prioritize more frequently when thinking about purchasing a tablet.

For technology enthusiasts, a tablet is a tool It gives them access to all the functions they can get on a computer, on a slightly larger scale than a smartph The touch technology It is another of the great points in favor that tablets have, since it allows the user to quickly enter any application on the device automatically and intuitively.

Another advantage that this portable device offers you is the size of its screen. In it you can experience a quality and image definition as few devices can provide; And this represents something quite convenient when playing videos or downloading reading material. Just as a tablet is very practical for adults, it is also a device that used in the right way is very beneficial for children. children Because she allows them easy access to content designed to amuse and educate.

Nowadays it is not strange to come across a great variety of options when it comes to tablets. Because of how easy it is to use, many of these devices fall into the item category of use family; However, there are companies that focus on developing tablets adapted to meet the direct needs of children, and here we will talk a little more about two devices that have completely satisfied both children and parents.

First we find the BENEVE tablet for children, a portable smart device, resistant and very easy to use. It is equipped with the system Android 7.1 and a Quad Core HD screen with front and rear camera. In regards to your ability to storage It has a 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of ROM that can be expanded up to 32 GB with the help of an SD card.

The tablet also offers the application iWawa APP with parental control, a software designed so that parents have the ability to manage the content of the applications, books electronic and even schedule children’s playtime. You can also create a wide variety of profiles, something that is very beneficial for families with more than one child.

The device comes with a kids mode pre installed that allows them to enjoy their own personal playground. The tablet is equipped with a protective case Made of high quality soft silicone and a protective glass on the screen to keep it safe from drops and bumps.

On the other hand we find the Tablet Fire HD 8 which is made just for kids because it includes an annual subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. This subscription allows access to all types of content designed and approved for children between 3 and 12 years of age.

The Amazon Free Time has more than 20,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, games and audiobooks from appropriate content for children. Being a device designed for children, the tablet includes a shockproof case and with a guarantee of up to two years.

The device allows you to download videos, applications and books without the need connect to the Internet, so they can have all the content at hand no matter where they are. The device has the ability to create up to 4 accounts that can be easily managed for a personalized and secure experience at the same time. Your menu Parental control It allows you to check the content and approve applications and even schedule usage times.

The FireHD 8 gives you full control over the experience of Web navegation of your children, leaving at your disposal dozens of authorized websites with safe, educational and appropriate content for children. Both tablets have excellent features that will give children hours of fun and parents much peace of mind. Something that is very convenient is that both the hardware and the software of these devices have been designed for children.

So if you want to know a little more about both tablets and know which is the most suitable for your children, then we provide you with a more detailed description of each

1. Tablet for BENEVE children


It is a customizable tablet for children with a friendly design and full of applications, games, videos and E-books with approved content for young people between 2 to 12 years old. The protective case Sky blue color is made of a soft material and includes handles on the sides and on the top to make it easier to transport.

It is an excellent choice of entertainment and learning laptop that makes a wide range of content with great educational value available to your child. The device promises a complete fun and learning experience for your child, while giving you the possibility to control the hours of use and verify the content of each application you download.

Fire HD 8 with 32G internal storage


It is a device with a shockproof and splash-proof case that features an 8-inch HD screen, 32GB internal storage and a battery of up to 10 hours duration. The tablet includes a 1-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited.

Gives your kids access to over 20,000 apps, games, videos, books, audiobooks from educational content Also available in Spanish. A perfect gift to adapt your children to the world of technology; at the same time that it allows you to monitor their activities and check that of each material.

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