If you are one of those who enjoy working with comfort and freedom, you need one of these tablets.

The tablets They are the most useful and portable devices that we can currently count on. They give us the functions and utilities of a computer, in a much more portable, lightweight and easy to transport device. As for its possibilities, they are the perfect tools for you to focus on a specific task. So if you are in search of a tablet, we review some options for you so that you can decide which is the best according to your needs.

First we find the Samsung galaxy Tab E, with a bright and spacious 9.6-inch screen. Its storage is expandable up to 128 GB, allowing you to take all your favorite media wherever you go. Its 7,300 mAh battery allows you to keep it on throughout the day, and offers you the power and versatility you need to make each day more productive.

On the other hand we have the Apple ipad, which has a 32 GB memory with a 9.7-inch screen. It is a device that is comfortable to use in almost all scenarios; You can carry it with its cover in a bag or simply hold it with one hand while consuming content. It is designed with a large, high-quality ecosystem of applications. Includes Pencil support for your suite, consisting of Pages, Keynote and Notes. Being able to use the Pencil integrates its functionality very well.

Both tablets have excellent characteristics, however according to your needs and if you can not decide, we will show you both in greater detail below.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab E

This tablet was made for go wherever you want that you go and do what you want to do, from watching a movie at home with the family, reading a best seller or just working no matter where you are.

You can expand its memory from 16 GB to an additional 128 GB, allowing you to store everything you need without affecting the performance from your device. Without a doubt, this tablet is your ally in the day to day.

Manzana iPad

It has a retina display 9.7-inch with 2048 x 1536 resolution, 4G LTE co-processor, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2. Your Apple pen supports night use and has a Touch ID sensor.

his compact design and lightweight allows you to carry it anywhere you want, without taking up more space or requiring special briefcases to transport it. The extensive performance of its battery makes it easy for you to fulfill all your responsibilities.