Recover the health of your hair, starting from the root.

So that you hair look beautiful and healthy, you must have a good health of your scalp. If it is parched, excessively oily or full of dirt, it will completely affect the appearance of your hair, and it can also cause the appearance of dandruff, hair loss, dryness, split ends and more. For these reasons, it is essential to start with the care of the scalp.

Initially the cleaning it is one of the most important steps. Properly washing your scalp prevents dirt and impurities from accumulating and clogging the pores, thus preventing hair follicles from nourishing. Thus, the hair becomes weaker and more prone to breakage. It is important not to over-wash your head; the ideal is to find the balance so that you have the ability to produce your own oils.

When choosing the shampoo it is important that it is suitable for our skin type, in this way we avoid that the scalp become dry or irritated. Another way to hydrate and strengthen our scalp is with massages. We must do it with the fingertips to promote the circulation of blood and oxygen. In addition to stimulating and absorbing nutrients, massage also helps remove debris at the hair root.

Furthermore, the use of moisturizing products It is essential for our scalp and hair to be healthy. In this sense, the use of masks is one of the most recommended. In addition to hydrating the hair, it also hydrates the scalp, so it should not be missing in our beauty routines. Thus, we can once a week apply a mask, deeply massaging the scalp and leaving it to act for a few minutes.

Finally, we must avoid long exposures to the sun because this factor also affects the health of our scalp. Maintaining healthy eating habits is decisive for the hair, the scalp and our skin looks and looks healthy, and include specialized products in the care of this area is vital, as we recommend below:

1. Oil Natural castor


It has a superior quality, formulated with 100% natural castor oil, hand-picked and cold-pressed to preserve botanical assets. It is triple refined to obtain the highest grade of quality.

Is a advanced treatment for your hair and scalp. Prevents and reverses hair loss caused by dry scalp. Deeply hydrates your scalp.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner High performance


Contains procyanidin B2 which is a powerful antioxidant, niacinamide and copper peptides that improve vascularization conditions. Its formula is developed without sodium sulfate, commonly used in shampoos.

It is a powerful combination of exclusive ingredients designed to maintain vitality of hair and revitalize hair follicles for best results quickly. Your scalp will always be hydrated and healthy.

3. Vitamin E Oil natural


This oil is made with organic vitamin E oil and 100% natural, infused with organic jojoba oil, organic avocado, organic rice bran, organic palmarosa and organic lavender.

Contains double concentration Vitamin E has been used for many years for skin and scalp care, due to its healing properties, the ability to fight harmful free radicals and curb environmental damage.