If you are fond of home movie afternoons, you need one of these televisions.

A relaxing experience that allows you to share quality moments with your family, friends or that special person is to enjoy a good movie. And the best way to see it is having the best sound and image quality, something that with the TV suitable you can have in your own home.

In the market there is a variety of televisions with the appropriate characteristics to become your own cinema screen; However, with so many options it is not easy to decide which is the ideal. To help you select which one is the best TV for you, and which allows you to enjoy movies at home as in a cinemaWe present two excellent options.

First we find the Samsung Smart LED 4K 75 ″, which allows you to perceive all content in Full HD resolution. It gives you a wider spectrum of realistic colors, enjoy millions of color tones to create a truly vibrant visual experience. You can also enjoy impressive high dynamic range content that adjusts image quality scene by scene.

Likewise, this TV allows you to enjoy subtle hidden details with precise lighting that reveals a true-to-life image.

On the other hand we have the LG LED 4k Ultra HD, which is a television that includes artificial intelligence and allows you to connect with smart devices. You can control it through voice, turning your entertainment experience into something that goes further. It has a processor that is responsible for reducing noise from videos, while clarifying and adjusting image quality. It also offers you frame-by-frame image optimization to make your viewing experience unique.

Both televisions certainly have great features and are specially designed to give you an extraordinary experience. If you still can’t decide, we will show you both more carefully.

1. Samsung Smart LED 4K


It has a elegant and slim design for a modern look. Its resolution gives you a much sharper image that is 4 times the HD resolution. Its remote control is simple, so you can navigate through the menus of this Smart TV.

Allows you to connect devices Samsung each other, to enjoy seamless entertainment, optimized shopping and most importantly, moments connected with your loved ones.

LG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


It is designed with a slim and elegant metal frame that matches any decor. This TV with artificial intelligence it becomes the center of the smart home.

This TV supports multiple formats HDR content, optimized with scene-by-scene image adjustment. It allows you to search for family photos, control light settings, control room temperature, and more.