The atmosphere of our home It must be the most pleasant, cozy and clean space. At home we share the best moments with our family and with the people who visit us. However, sometimes the tasks of cleaning They take up a great part of our time and make the moments of sharing limited by our work.

Having the right tools to facilitate our cleaning sessions is essential, and the Vacuum cleaner is one of them. That is why we show you two options on vacuum cleaners to help you select the best one for you.

First we have the bagless upright vacuum cleaner Cleanview, which offers you a powerful vacuum and an innovative design that prevents dirt particles from escaping through the air. Helps you trap fine debris, using a multi-level filtration system with a washable filter. Despite being light, versatile and maneuverable, this vacuum cleaner does not sacrifice power, always having the best performance when cleaning any surface in your house.

On the other hand we have the wireless handheld vacuum cleaner Black + Decker. It is a vacuum cleaner that is ideal for picking up debris and dirt from your daily life. This handheld vacuum offers you a greater capacity of the bowl, allowing you to collect 50% more dirt before you have to empty it. Its lithium technology gives you strong suction and long operation. It has a washable container and filter that allow a complete cleaning between jobs, its translucent bowl and bagless allows you to see the dirt and empty it easily.

Both vacuum cleaners offer you comfort and efficiency when cleaning your home. You can leave all surfaces free of dust and dirt. You do not need to work long hours, thanks to the power they offer you can review some corners and always have your house clean. If you still can’t decide, we will show you both more carefully.

1. Upright Vacuum Without Cleanview Bag


It offers you one-pass technology with powerful suction and an innovative brush design for cleaning on the initial pass. Captures and keeps dirt in the container.

Multilevel filtration with a washable filter, helps you reduce dust and household allergens. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and push without sacrificing cleaning power.

Hand Vacuum Black + Decker

This vacuum cleaner has lithium technology It provides strong suction and extended run time. Includes a crack tool for hard-to-reach areas.

Its wide mouth design allows you to catch large debris and the cyclonic action Helps keep filter clean and suction strong. Its design is light and portable to give you comfort when cleaning.