Make sure the items are in good condition so you don’t lose your money.

It can be difficult to find used things in good condition and at a good price. However, depending on the item you are looking for, you can find good options in a garage comes out, thrift store or app. That is why, here I explain where you can find the best offers.

1. Clothing

An effective way to buy used clothing is to visit a thrift store. Since in this way, you can see in person the quality of the clothes and you can measure it. Some second hand stores like Goodwill Y Salvation Army They offer a number of styles at very low prices. Also, if you visit these stores on Sundays or Mondays you will find many items on sale or for a dollar.

On the other hand, if you like to buy clothes online you can use the application Poshmark, since you can find many pieces of clothing especially, with 40% to 70% discount. With the application you can receive clothes quickly, since shipping can take up to 3 business days. Poshmark is available at App Store and in Google Play.

2. Home furniture

If you are looking for furniture, chairs, tables or decoration to change the “look” of your home, you can use web pages such as Craigslist or AptDeco. With these applications you can search for the items you need, view the photos and buy them, without spending much work.

For example, if you live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut you can use AptDeco to buy decoration or furniture for your home. This company is responsible for verifying the sellers and items they sell to ensure that it is a legitimate sale and not a fraud. Similarly, they offer delivery service.

3. Electrical appliances

Buying used computers, televisions, or cameras in good condition can be a difficult and risky undertaking. This is why you should be careful where you buy these items and who you buy them from, so you don’t lose your money. A good option to buy used electrical goods is in department stores such as: Walmart, Best Buy or Costco. Since, these stores certify that the item is in good condition and offer guarantees.

For example, Best Buy classifies used items as open-box items, pre-owned or refurbished. Items that are classified as open-box items, They are in very good condition.

Furthermore, Best Buy explains that: “Pre-Owned products have been opened and used (some for weeks or months, others for a year or more), and were generally purchased through the Best Buy Trade-In program. Products are inspected and verified to function properly, are cleaned, and restored to original factory specifications. Pre-Owned products may not include all parts and accessories (details of each item are provided), and generally do not have the original packaging. Products sold by Best Buy often include a limited warranty through Best Buy. ”

He also adds: “The products sold by Best Buy include a guarantee, ranging from 90 days to 1 year.”