Enjoy smooth, strong and healthy skin.

Daily our skin it is exposed to a series of factors that over time deteriorate it. UV solar rays, the toxins of the environment and bad eating habits contribute to the deterioration process and also, to the accumulation of toxins in our body, specifically in our face and the rest of our body.

Practicing healthy habits within our daily routines is a fundamental factor to improve the appearance of our skin. First, you need to follow proper routines of cleaningFor example, we should wash ourselves with a preferably neutral and mild soap, in this way we will maintain the harmony of the PH of our skin. This type of soaps should be used at most only twice a day.

In the case of our face, we should never sleep with it makeup Market Stall. Clean it of any remnants of makeup and washing it guarantees that our pores are not clogged, so naturally the skin of our face will have its cellular regeneration process. We can use some type of oil to remove makeup, in case our skin is oily, it is recommended to use rose water or another type of cleanser.

Furthermore, an adequate hydration of our skin is essential to keep it healthy and smooth. By having hydrated skin we help preserve elasticity and firmness, in this way we prevent the appearance of expression lines, wrinkles, blemishes and other imperfections that appear over time and accelerate in unhealthy skin.

Another fundamental element to detoxify our skin is the exfoliationThrough this routine, we are able to remove dead cells that accumulate daily, as well as stimulating cell regeneration, lightening blemishes, reducing fat production and restoring tissues. Here we recommend some ideal products to detoxify your skin.

1. Erno Laszlo: Deep Cleaning of Mud of the Sea

These bars contain the largest concentration of powerful skin care assets. They are based on nanoencapsulation technology to offer extended release spheres.

Its formula contains antioxidants and botanicals, it is gentle but effective. This soap promotes skin wellness for a healthy natural glow, purifies and fights bacteria.

2. Avani: Moisturizing cream with minerals


This rich moisturizer has been formulated with nutritious minerals from the Dead Sea, combined with a large number of vital ingredients for healthy skin.

Your combination restores quickly the natural moisture level of your skin, to make it softer and more radiant. You apply it with light strokes upwards and it is ideal as a makeup base.

3. Ahava: Facial Serum


This serum helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increases luminosity of the skin. Formulated with 21 essential minerals, including magnesium, calcium and potassium in a blend of natural oils.

It is addressed to visible signs aging, including wrinkles, elasticity and firmness. Heat 2 drops in your hands and apply the serum to the skin of your face, neck and décolleté.