It is very likely that you are not cleaning your ears correctly.

Contrary to what most people believe, ears they have their own self-cleaning system and the wax is part of it. Taking this into account, the following question will surely come to mind: Should I clean them? The answer is yes. However, the problem lies in the way you do it, because inserting cotton buds, cotton wool or the tip of a handkerchief can cause irreparable damage, since none of them are suitable.

Have some clean ears It is a question that goes beyond aesthetics, because if a good cleaning of them is not carried out, in the long run the excess of accumulated wax can affect its operation. Knowing this, the first thing that you should take into account before carrying out its correct cleaning is knowing how these are shaped. Well, the external ear does not only cover the ear, but also the ear canal and the eardrum; that is, some of the parts that we do not see with the naked eye.

The wax that accumulates in our ears It is a defense mechanism, and is characterized by being a secretion from the skin glands of the external auditory canal, which is the area that goes from the ear to the eardrum, and its function involves trapping those external materials such as dirt particles, bacteria and germs. However, its excess can block the ear canal, causing discomfort and damage.

Being clear about how our ears are shaped and before pointing out how you should clean them correctly, as well as the types of utensils you should use; it is necessary to collapse the popular belief about the use of the rods to eliminate the wax. According to specialists, they should never be inserted into the ear canal since they can push the wax towards the eardrum, thus worsening the situation, so their use will attract more risks than benefits.

When it comes to liquid solutions that come in spray form, not all of them that are on the market are advisable to use; especially those based on sea water, since by moistening the ear, the risk of infection increases. On the other hand, there is no need to use sharp tools because they can cause trauma or perforations, since the ear it is a very sensitive area.

Taking into account each and every one of these considerations, the best way to properly clean your ears, removing accumulated wax from them, is clean them externally while you bathe, and very occasionally use products specially designed for cleaning and care such as those shown below, which work non-invasively and keep the health of your ears.

1. Debrox: drop solution for gentle cleansing

Mainly formulated with an active ingredient of carbamide peroxide, The solution provides a micro-foam action by releasing oxygen which provides a safe, non-irritating cleaning method.

his drop presentation allows easy application thanks to its bulb syringe. It can be applied to children from twelve years of age, since ear cleaning is important for all ages. It should be used twice a day for up to four days if necessary, or if your doctor tells you to.

Its use helps you soften, loosen and remove the excess earwax present in your ears, thus avoiding itching, partial hearing loss and other more conditions that can interrupt your daily routine.

For optimal care, avoid putting water, soap or shampoo in the ear canal, so be careful while you shower or remove those beauty treatments for your hair. Lastly, don’t forget to keep your ears dry.

2. HORANE: Safe Application Wax Removal Kit

Wax removal kit brings 4 soft silicone tips totally different spirals, which have a size that adequately fits the cochlear diameter (inner ear). Comes with portable packing box to store and cleaning brush. It works with 2 AAA batteries that are not included.

It is durable, comfortable, safe and easy to clean. Its use is to choose the correct size of the silicone spiral tip, install it safely, insert the tip into the ear and turn the switch. During use it emits a small low decibel sound due to its high frequency vibration.

The led light In its upper part, it facilitates the wax removal process, thus providing you with a safe form of cleaning for you and your family. One of its tips allows you to massage acupuncture points on the ears and is suitable for all ages.

For one Long duration and a more stellated tool, use the small brush that comes in the package to clean each of the interchangeable tips, this way you will have a safer cleaning.

3. EQUADOSE: cleaning kit with two methods of use

This cleaning kit includes ear drops, sink, 3 soft tips and disposables, irrigation system and the corresponding instructions.

The system allows you two types of cleaning: The first is to carry it out through the blockage, and involves watering the ear after the drops have softened the earwax. The second way is around the block, when you can’t push the tip through or beyond it.

For its correct use, first apply the softening drops For 15 minutes, fill the irrigation bottle exactly as directed, and finally clean your ears carefully using whatever method you prefer.

The drops soften the wax before watering, thus facilitating the removal of wax and thus avoiding all kinds of conditions, since excess wax is one of the most common causes of ear pain, buzzing, itching, and in the worst case. cases of hearing loss.