She has porcelain legs, completely free of a rash.

Waxing or shaving our legs the wrong way or doing it in a hurry, can increase the risk of irritation in our skin. That is why we must know that each type of skin requires a specific method of hair removal, since all are not the same and in some cases, there are skins that are much more delicate and therefore more prone to suffer. irritations or rashes.

There are different types of hair removal; one of the most popular, effective, economical and convenient, is hair removal with wax. This process involves applying a strip of hot wax to the skin and ripping it off quickly; however, it can irritate sensitive skin, as hair follicles can become inflamed, causing rashes, small, red bumps after depilation.

Another type of rash that appears on the skin of our legs after common epilation with Shaver, is characterized by the appearance of painful red bumps, which generally appear after several days of depilation, when the hair begins to grow and is trapped under the skin. In any case, the rash is the result of irritation of the hair follicles, it can be momentary or last even days.

As we already know the cause of rashes After hair removal, it is important to prevent and protect our skin to avoid these discomforts. It is important first of all to shave in the direction of hair growth, in case of extremely sensitive skin, apply moisturizing creams or lotions. After depilated It is mandatory to apply a moisturizing product to soften the skin and avoid the appearance of irritations.

Finally it is necessary to prepare our skin before hair removal, an exfoliation and hydration routine are key to prevent irritations and rashes. We must always keep the skin of our legs moisturized, regardless of the hair removal method we use. In any case, there are infinite options to shave, below we recommend some.

1. Braun: Silk-├ępil 9 epilator


It is a generation of epilators that includes SensoSmart technology, which is a smart sensor that guides your hair removal, ensuring that the correct amount of pressure is applied and removing more than one hair at a stroke.

In addition, its waterproof wet and dry technology, allows you to comfortably shave in the bathroom or in the shower. Depilation becomes practically painless with regular use in water.

2. Dr. Rashel: Remover Cream by Vello

Its composition is soft so as not to harm the skin. It is very easy to use, you just have to apply it gently on the area to be waxed, penetrates quickly inside the hair follicles and nourishes the skin.

It is a hair removal system fast and comfortable, which in addition to removing unwanted hair, closes the pores blocking the absorption of nutrients from the hair, slowing down the growth of hair.

3. Kit Waxing


Wax warmer includes 10 pieces of wooden spatulas and 4 packets of hard wax with chamomile, lavender, chocolate and nature. This melter can be used with any type of wax.

You only need 10 minutes of wax heating to enjoy a painless hair removal And you don’t need paper to remove the hair, just the painless and anti-allergic wax strip.