Get ready for the cold season with these products.

The nose it is part of the respiratory system and is the organ of smell. It is made up of nostrils, meatuses, nasal septum and paranasal sinuses. The main function of the nose is to serve the airways and it is responsible for breathing, filtering, heating and humidifying the oxygen or air that is inhaled and eliminates most of the impurities and germs that can irritate the respiratory tract. After this, the nose also has the job of expelling the air contained in the lungs converted to carbon dioxide. This is a repetitive process that is sometimes interrupted when we get sick with flu or allergiesBecause the membrane and blood vessels that line the inside of the nose become inflamed and block the air passage to the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing.

When the membrane begins to swell, at first it begins with discomfort or itching in the pharynx and secretion of light-colored nasal fluids that over time darken and become thicker. This happens for different reasons, sometimes changes in temperature, viruses and bacteria found in the environment that establish the airways can cause congestion and this causes strong colds and sinus infection. Another cause that can cause this may be some nasal tumor, deviation in the septum and inflammation of the turbinates and adenoids.

This is a very common problem that children and adults can suffer from. It brings with it annoying symptoms that can affect the whole organism, because not enough air enters the body. Sore throats, runny nose and cough are some of the symptoms that occur when we have the stuffy nose. It is necessary to attack this problem in time, because it can bring very serious consequences and diseases such as sinusitis and otitis that can be treated with the intake of antibiotics or with surgical operations depending on the doctor’s recommendation.

There are different solutions to clear a stuffy or stuffy nose to avoid complicating the problem. Sometimes it is recommended to have a balanced diet and high of vitamins, drink approximately 2 liters of water during the day, apply hot cloths to the face and inhale steam two to three times a day, this can be done with the support of a humidifier.

Doctors recommend keeping humidity levels close to 50% of the air. Each of these techniques can help solve these discomforts and achieve better breathing. It is also very important to constantly nasal washes with saline, since it helps to eliminate mucus deeply and prevents an infection such as sinusitis. Another solution can be blowing your nose, this consists of expelling the air strongly until the nostrils are emptied, although this option is not highly recommended because it can cause damage to the ears.

And if while we sleep it is very difficult to get an optimal rest if we have difficulty breathing due to the nasal congestion, specialists recommend that during this period you can choose to lie in an upright position and with your head raised as it will facilitate breathing while you sleep, this can be done by leaning on a pillow or cushion.

However, over time different treatments have been developed that help to solve this problem quickly. This time we will show you some products that you can get in Amazon to fix this problem and reduce symptoms like itching and inflammation. Take a look at the products that we will show you below to enjoy a better breathing and a healthier life.

1. Nasal spray for immediate relief

This is a spray that provides positive results in less than 3 minutes. It has been created with a formula of 0.05% oxymetazoline, sodium chloride, purified water and vapor technology with concentrated menthol. It has an elongated nozzle designed to be inserted through the nostrils and spray the product directly on the nasal passages. It comes in a 0.75 oz. 2 spray pack.

It will start acting immediately and you will provide support for 12 hours. It will help reduce swelling, runny nose and sneezing, leaving a refreshing menthol-smelling sensation. It also promotes nasal and sinus drainage, avoiding the concentration of bacteria that can cause sinusitis or rhinitis.

2. Pills decongestants

They are pills that contain an active formula based on phenylephrine, a component that acts mainly on adrenergic receptors, which are the ones that cause nasal congestion and respiratory allergies. It includes 72 pills easy to swallow and digest.

By taking one pill every four hours, symptoms caused by the flu or colds will decrease; It also contributes to promoting sinus drainage to enjoy better breathing. It can be taken by adults and children over 12 years of age.

3. Portable inhaler with a mild menthol scent

The Vicks family has innovated with this nasal inhaler that contains a blend of camphor, menthol, methyl salicylate, and Siberian fir oil. It has a small and light design that allows you take it wherever you want and it won’t take up much space in your purse or purse. This product offers you a kit of 2 nasal inhalers.

Have calmer days and congestion free with this product. Its formula will help relieve the discomfort caused by nasal congestion and will give you a pleasant mint aroma. You can also apply it before bed so you can get a better rest.

4. Decongestant spray by Vicks

Vicks presents this spray that fights congestion and sinus pressure. It has been created with 0.05% Oxymetazoline HCl. It has an elongated and small applicator especially for reach the most hidden and difficult areas from the nostrils.

When it comes to nasal congestion and severe colds, this is a product that will help you solve this problem immediately. By applying it you will feel a relief and breathe without problem for 12 hours.