An efficient way to keep an eye on your home all the time.

The security cameras They have become a fundamental element both in our homes and in our jobs. Through them we can monitor everything that happens in these spaces while we are not there, be alerts before anyone who approaches and may even have real evidence of the incident in case they have to take the case to court.

With the advances of technology Security cameras have also evolved, to such an extent that today there are many wireless devices, easy to install and that allow you to have the recordings on your smartphone so you can check them where you are. There are different options available, but this time we show you two of them so you can decide which one is the best for you.

First of all we have the Wireless Security Camera Victure 1080P It is a very easy device to connect with WiFi, it is equipped with internal lithium batteries and works without any cables. The camera includes a magnetic holder, screw and double-sided tape so you can install it anywhere and anytime you want in total comfort.

Additionally, it includes a motion sensor Smart and a dual motion-sensitive sensor that detects only objects with heat signatures around the space where the camera is located, and the team sends direct notifications to your phone when any type of movement is detected.

On the other hand we have the Security Camera HZTCAM Mini HD1080P which is characterized by its compact size that gives you all the functions you need for your daily life. It is equipped with a wide lens that allows you to record at a 150º angle, its pulsation alert system is activated by movement. It is also equipped with dull IR night vision and can continue recording while charging, the camera has an app that is compatible with devices iOS Y Android.

Both cameras are excellent, but if you still do not decide, we will show you again in greater detail.

1. Security Camera Wireless Victure 1080P


It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and its design shows a clear vision thanks to its lens wide angle located in a position of 130º. Its infrared LED lights capture a sharper image, even at a distance of 32.8 feet at night.

The camera has a built-in microphone with speaker which allows you to listen and speak to people who come to your home. It is weather resistant and works well even in extreme weather conditions.

2. Security Camera HZTCAM Mini HD1080P


It has a round, small and strong design. The device includes a integrated magnet that allows you to install it on any metal surface you want. It has a motion detection system that you can adjust manually.

It is capable of recording up to three continuous days, it has a built-in SD card 32 GB so you don’t lose any detail of everything that happens while you are away. You can turn it on and off from the app with your smartph

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