Learn about the cheapest gyms that have many facilities in the United States.

How are you going with the resolutions you set for this 2019? Surely one of your resolutions was to lose weight or tone your body. If you forgot to exercise, lost interest, or gym membership was too high, here are the gyms with the cheapest memberships in the United States.

1. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness It has more than 1,800 gyms throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic that you can attend for just $ 10 a month. To obtain this membership you will have to pay a registration fee of $ 20 and an annual fee of $ 39. Furthermore, the contract is for one year.

The advantages of training at Planet Fitness is that the gym is open Monday through Friday 24 hours in some cities and has a wide variety of machines for training. Also depending on the gym you attend you can train in a group, together with a certified trainer. During this summer Planet Fitness has an offer where teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 can train for free.

2. Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness It has more than 80 gyms in the United States. For example, you can find gyms in New York, Miami, Chicago, Michigan, Virginia, etc. Blink Fitness has a basic membership of $ 15 a month called Gray Single-Club Access, which you can join for $ 10. With this membership you can use the equipment and machines for cardiovascular training, weights and dumbbells. You can also use the showers and get a free training session so you can get to know the gym. Gym maintenance fees are $ 49.99 and are charged annually.

On the other hand, if you are a student you can get a membership of $ 75 for three months in participating gyms. To obtain membership you must present your university identification.

3. LA Fitness

LA Fitness is one of the gyms with the most facilities in the United States. By obtaining a membership in LA Fitness You can participate in more than 20 classes or group trainings and you can use the basketball court, play racquetball and use the sauna, at no cost. The cheapest membership is $ 19.99 a month, to get this membership you would have to pay a registration fee of $ 175. LA Fitness’ annual maintenance fee is $ 49 and contracts can be for 6 months.

The advantages of obtaining a membership with LA Fitness, is that in addition to using the equipment that the gym has to train, you can attend countless classes to strengthen muscles. For example, you can attend Yoga, Pilates, Spinning classes, etc. LA Fitness has gyms in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Chicago, California, etc.